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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

iFire's TDEL Technology Recognized as a Key Flat Panel Display Technology by Chinese Government

via PRNewswire

CALGARY , Sept. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - The Westaim Corporation today announced China's Ministry of Information Industry has identified iFire Technology's thick dielectric electroluminescent (TDEL) flat panel display technology as a key area in consumer electronics technologies for research and product development support by the Chinese government in its 11th Five Year Plan and 2020 Medium and Long Term Planning Outline.

China's Ministry of Information Industry's 11th Five Year Plan and 2020 Medium and Long Term Planning Outline serves as a blueprint for the development of China's information industry to serve the national objective and guide industry development. The Outline shows that China will put emphasis on 15 keyareas to support, including high definition television manufacturing, for thenext five to 15 years. TDEL was highlighted, along with other TV technologies including liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma and rear projection, as being important to China's manufacturing strategy.

"The recognition of TDEL as an important consumer electronics technology by the Chinese government is an endorsement by one of the most significant consumer electronics manufacturing regions of the world," said Barry M. Heck, President & CEO, The Westaim Corporation. "We have spent a great deal of timefocusing on China and our inclusion with established flat panel technologies such as plasma and LCD in the Ministry's outline demonstrates China's interestin TDEL for the consumer flat panel television industry."

Westaim and iFire are in discussion with a number of companies around the world, including companies from China and other parts of Asia, for potential technology development and commercialization arrangements. iFire expects to commercialize its technology in partnership with industry leaders and plans to initially target the mid 30- to mid 40-inch screen size consumer television market segment.

" China has the world's fastest growing economy and is emerging as a powerhouse in consumer electronics manufacturing," said Nick Khoury , Presidentof iFire Technology. " China is already well established as the world's leading manufacturer of CRT televisions and is rapidly gaining recognition as a global manufacturing centre for flat panel television technologies. Chinese manufacturers are keenly interested in cost-effective alternative flat panel technologies from both a capital and module perspective, and we remain encouraged with our potential manufacturing partnership discussions."

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