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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Winchester Systems Offers High-Speed File Sharing for Collaborative Workgroups

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BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 17, 2005--

Multiple users share access to digital content -- Slashesbandwidth requirements

Winchester Systems, Inc., a leading data storage solutions company, today introduced FlashShare, a software application that allows collaborative workgroups to share large collections of digital content in bandwidth sensitive environments. FlashShare is available with the company's entire line of Fibre Channel, SATA, SCSI, and iSCSI storage products.

FlashShare enables pre-press editors, film and video editors, digital artists, medical imaging services, scientists, web service providers, security and surveillance specialists and corporate users to simultaneous access a common pool of data files as if the content was stored on their local disk. Typically, individuals in these workgroups need to simultaneously access a large common pool of files that contain book and magazine content, video clips, satellite images, MRI, X-Ray or CAT Scan images, CAD files, web content, security videos, data acquisition files and more. FlashShare eliminates bandwidth delays by providing immediate, simultaneous direct access rather than sharing files over the LAN - eliminating lengthy data transfer delays.

Available for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux, FlashShare provides true file sharing, native OS file system support and access rights management. All applications run transparently with FlashShare to provide a reliable networked shared storage that greatly reduces the cost of managing mission critical workflow.

FlashShare works with any network topology and is available in three versions. FlashShare SAN is used to share storage with multiple server access in a typical SAN environment. Similarly, FlashShare iSCSI is used to provide multiple server access in an iSCSI shared storage pool environment. Finally, FlashShare LAN is a desktop product that is optional but enables individual power users to trunk several Ethernet connections to a single station to multiply bandwidth and provide server failover.

The company offers FlashShare with its FlashDisk storage solutions that scale from 1 to 112 TB per unit and FlashConsole storage monitoring and reporting appliance. FlashConsole provides complete centralized storage management using any browser-based workstation on the LAN along with FlashAlert, 24-hour "call-home" remote monitoring and alert service.

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