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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Visy Oy Enters North American Terminal Market

via PRNewswire

DENVILLE, N.J., Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Visy Oy, a worldwide provider of advanced vision technology including optical character recognition systems,announces an agreement to serve the North American transport terminal market through N.C. Cuthbert LLC of Denville, New Jersey, a consultancy specializing in port and transportation systems integration. Cuthbert has agreed to implement and support container terminal gate and license plate recognition systems from the Tampere, Finland-based Visy under a new reseller agreement.

"North American container terminals demand more and more throughput at landside gates," said Michel Demeyer , Business Development Manager for Visy. "Terminal operators must derive maximum value from this limited real estate. Visy systems answer that challenge." Visy systems employ high-resolution video cameras and optical character recognition (OCR) software based on neural networks to scan and record container, chassis, and railcar numbers in under one second. They have been implemented at container ports and border crossings in Europe , South America , and Asia.

"We seek the best local partners to deliver success to our clients," said John Lund , Visy International Sales Manager. "So we are naturally looking forward to working with Cuthbert."

N.C. Cuthbert is an experienced transport information systems consultant implementing video-based OCR, voice synthesis and traffic information, driver communication solutions, and RFID technologies. When Cuthbert integrated the gate system at New Orleans ' Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal it combined OCR, RFID tags, and multiple competing terminal systems with the first mandatory truck appointment system in the US.

"Cuthbert recognized in Visy the rare combination of technical capability and industry knowledge required for success," said Robert Hadow, partner at Cuthbert. "We are enthusiastic about bringing Visy systems to North America ."

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