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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Unaxis Optics Launches New Dichroic Filters for LED Applications

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LIECHTENSTEIN, Germany, (BUSINESS WIRE) March 20, 2006 - Unaxis Optics (SWX:UNAX) - a world leader in the manufacture of thin film optical components - announces new dichroics filters/mirrors specifically optimized for LED applications.

These LED ColorDichroics(TM) efficiently reflect and transmit random polarized light from individual high brightness power LED sources of different colors. Applications of LED ColorDichroics(TM) range from Projection Display illumination optics to various uses in solid state lighting and instrumentation.

In recent years, light emitting devices (LED) used as novel light sources have seen dramatic technical improvements resulting in very high brightness. They have become commercially available in all primary colors of red, green and blue as well as other colors such as cyan and yellow.

The principal advantages of these new light sources are their specific and narrow spectral emission characteristics and their extremely fast switching capabilities. These advantages make them excellent illumination sources for application in projection display systems, enabling much more saturated colors and very high contrast.

LED ColorDichroics(TM): cost-efficient for merging LED light beams

The inherently random polarized light characteristics of LEDs make them very suitable sources for microdisplay devices based on light engine architecture that do not require polarized light (DLP(R)(1) and others). Since most of these light engines are based on single microdisplay chip architectures, the light from the three different primary color LEDs of red, green and blue has to be merged into one common beam.

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