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Samsung Begins Mass Production at Second 7G LCD Line

Business Wire
via NewsEdge Corporation

TANGJEONG, Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 2, 2006--Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world's largest provider of thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels, announced that it has begun mass production at Line 7-2, its second 7th Generation (7G) TFT-LCD line. Mass production began only two months after the company successfully concluded pilot production of a 40" S-PVA panel last November.

A total KRW 4.132 trillion will be invested in Line 7-2 for the production of panels for LCD TVs of 32" or larger when it is fully-operational. The investment covers two phases, with the company investing KRW 2.368 trillion in phase one to reach a monthly production capacity of 45,000 substrates. An additional KRW 1.764 trillion will be invested in phase two to add another 45,000 substrates to capacity for a full-scale production capacity of 90,000 substrates per month. Phase two is expected to conclude during the second half of 2006.

Currently, Samsung is operating another 7G line (Line 7-1) through its joint venture with Sony, called S-LCD. Production commenced at Line 7-1 in April 2004, with the full capacity of 60,000 substrates per month being reached in October 2005. In November 2005, the company announced that it will increase capacity at Line 7-1 by another 15,000 substrates, by July 2006.

Samsung will produce a combined 165,000 substrates monthly, or 1.32 million 40" panels per month, at its 7G lines when Line 7-2 reaches full capacity.

Mass production at Line 7-2 is deemed a major watershed for Samsung Electronics, giving the company an advantageous position in standardizing LCD TVs around 40" and 46".

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