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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Pixelplus' 1/11 Inch CIF Image Sensor is Featured in Mobile Devices of a Leading Japanese Mobile Phone Manufacturer

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SEOUL , South Korea , June 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pixelplus Co., Ltd.(Nasdaq: PXPL), a leading fabless semiconductor company in Korea that designs,develops and markets complementary metal oxide semiconductor ("CMOS") image sensors for various imaging applications, announced today that the Company's highly customized PO3010K common intermediate format ("CIF") image sensor is featured in the mobile devices of one of the leading Japanese mobile phone manufacturers. This mobile phone manufacturer is a new end-customer of the Company that recently began incorporating the Company's PO3010K CIF imagesensor in its mobile phone products. Pixelplus furnishes the PO3010K CIF image sensor to a Japanese module maker, which then assembles and supplies the completed modules incorporating the PO3010K CIF image sensor to this mobilephone manufacturer.

Pixelplus' PO3010K CIF image sensor, which incorporates an image signal processing engine to enhance overall image quality, is one of the industry's smallest and most compact with an optical size of 1/11 inch.

Pixelplus developed the PO3010K CIF image sensor in response to the increasing demand for ultra compact camera modules embedded in mobile devices such as third generation ("3G") mobile phones with dual camera functionality. The Company estimates that it will initially supply approximately 200,000 to300,000 units of the PO3010K CIF image sensors to the Japanese module maker ona monthly basis, with such sales volume expected to increase gradually over the next six to twelve months. The Company also plans to supply its SXGA 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensors to the Japanese module maker in the second half of 2006.

"The Company is very excited about these recent developments. Our PO3010KCIF image sensor featured in the mobile phone products of the Japanese mobile phone manufacturer reflects the Company's continuing efforts to expand our international operations with world leading module makers and mobile phonecompanies," said Dr. S.K. Lee , Chief Executive Officer of Pixelplus. "Looking forward, we intend to actively seek new design wins in the mobile and non-mobile applications markets and will work very closely with existing and potential customers on a worldwide basis to continue to develop our business and technologies in these markets."

About Pixelplus Co., Ltd.

Pixelplus is a South Korea-based developer of high-performance, high-resolution and cost-effective CMOS image sensors for use primarily in mobile camera phones. In addition to mobile phones, Pixelplus provides CMOS imagesensors for use in personal computer cameras and surveillance systemapplications.

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