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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Pacer Colour Contact Image Sensor Widens Application Potential

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Pacer, a leading UK provider of Optoelectronics announces the introduction of the Colour contact image sensor (CIS) from Tichawa Vision GmbH. Promising large reading width, high resolution and scan speeds. The rugged, industrial-grade sensor has applications within process and quality inspection for the paper, print and industrial sectors. The scanning width of 530mm is provided by two sensor boards joined end to end. With line rates of up to 40kHz representing a maximum scan speed of 300m/min at a high spatial resolution of 200dpi, productivity and inspection or capture quality is significantly improved and the process speed maximised.

Utilising standard camera link connectivity to frame-grabber chip and having integrated white lighting and optics, the CIS is easy to use as part of PC based industrial process equipment. Maintenance is decreased and downtime minimised by the provision of a simple alignment mechanism. Pixel binning is employed to reduce read and systemic noise giving the effective resolution of 200dpi and flat field correction is employed to normalise pixel sensitivity. There are 3 (Red, Green and Blue) detectors per pixel and 4222 of these 'colour' pixels. The optimal working distance for the detector is 10mm.

Connectivity is simple, involving a standard camera link connector and interface. The image sensor has two camera link connectors per sensor board which operate in base mode using three ports providing 24-bit connection. One camera link connection is allocated as the master which accepts trigger pulses on CC1 (Camera control 1 in camera link connector) in trigger mode, and handles serial data for parameterising the whole device. The other connectors look like free-running cameras to the frame-grabber, further simplifying the integration process. This standard physical and control level connection scheme provides easy connection to a PC using a PCI camera link interface. PC microprocessor needs to be faster than 1Ghz Pentium, running Windows 2000 or XP. The CIS requires an industry standard power supply requirement of 24V drawing 10A of current. Operational case temperature range is from 5C to 40C and dimensions are 130x788x107mm (W x L x H). These colour contact image sensors are available now from Pacer.

About Pacer Components

Based in Pangbourne, near Reading, Pacer Components is the UK's leading specialist optoelectronic solutions provider and systems integrator. The company delivers optoelectronic components & sensors, lasers & detectors, and displays to a wide variety of markets. Pacer also has the capability to project manage complete assemblies that feature its devices. PCB assembly, die & wire bond and plastic moulding are offered by the company at very cost effective prices using trusted partners in the Far East and UK. The company also provides support for some non-optoelectronic environments; these include high reliability surface-mount semiconductors and Hall-effect sensors and assemblies.

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