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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

PLASMON: Plasmon Customer Wins SNIA 'Best Practices in Storage' Award

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Cambridge, UK: Plasmon (LSE: PLM), the market leader for professional data storage solutions, today announced that its customer, The Dallas Morning News, has been recognised by Storage Networking World 2005 as winner of the "Best Practices in Storage" Award in the Industry Regulation Compliance and Corporate Governance category. The Dallas Morning News was selected for its image archiving application using a Plasmon G-Series Library powered by UDO (Ultra Density Optical).

As a result of using UDO technology, The Dallas Morning News is now able to manage the nearly two million new image assets it creates every year as well as a huge volume of legacy images from its historical archives. The newspaper deployed the Plasmon G-Series Library as a long-term storage solution to deal with its growing image archive, which continues to expand as images increase in resolution.

"Ultimately, we chose to implement a UDO solution to comply with Sarbanes Oxley regulations. Considering the growing number of images and the increasing file sizes due to higher resolutions, we knew we needed cost-effective, expandable and reliable archival capabilities that were only available in a UDO solution," says Bob Mason, former director of publishing systems at The Dallas Morning News and current chief technology officer at ImpreMedia. "While working on this project, we discovered the potential to gain significant revenue for selling copies of the nearly 2 million image assets the paper manages each year."

About UDO

Based on high density, blue laser recording technology, UDO (Ultra Density Optical) is the 30GB standard for professional archival storage. UDO is designed specifically for the secure, long-term storage of high volume document images, emails, customer records, audio or video files, financial information and engineering documentation.

UDO media is available in True Write Once, Compliant Write Once and Rewritable media formats, which are certified ECMA and ISO standards. UDO True Write Once technology prevents any form of data destruction or modification, which provides the highest possible level of physical record authenticity, which cannot be matched by magnetic disk or tape technologies using Write Once emulation. Compliant Write Once media has the same operational properties as True Write Once media with one important difference. Through the use of a specially designed "shred" operation, data sectors written to Compliant Write Once media can be completely destroyed, while no data can be modified. Both True Write Once and Compliant Write Once media enable conformation to government and corporate regulations, best practice and audit trail management. UDO Rewritable media uses a specially formulated Phase Change recording surface that allows recorded data to be deleted and modified.

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