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Optical Components Company Introduces Low-Operating Current Red Laser Diodes

Biotech Week
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2006 FEB 22 - ( -- Opnext, Inc. announced the general availability of its low-operating current red laser diodes that are suitable for use in laser levelers and measurement equipment and are ideal for use in medical and display applications.

Opnext's new laser diodes offer the industry's lowest operating current in 635nm wavelength band (5/7mW optical output power), resulting in extending battery time and low power consumption. This product provides a decrease in operating current (lop) by 50% compared to Opnext's original product.

By lowering the operating current, Opnext makes it possible to extend battery life when its diodes are used in products including laser levelers and mobile range finders, resulting in energy savings.

In addition to the 50% operating current (lop) decrease, Opnext's laser diodes provide an aspect ratio improvement from 3.8 to 3.1. These metrics currently offer the industry's highest quality. The product is available in a standard-size, 5.6nm package, suitable for small-size applications.

Opnext, Inc. is a provider of optical components.

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