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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Oki Electric Develops World's Smallest Low-cost uBOSA chips for Fiber-to-the-Home Modules Using Silicon Lens

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OFC/NFOEC 2006 Booth #3447 TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 1, 2006--Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TSE:6703) today announced it has succeeded in developing the world's smallest low-cost uBOSA chip (Micro Bidirectional Optical SubAssembly Chip) for use in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) modules. With Oki's silicon lens(1), a bi-directional optical communication function is achieved in chip just 2mm square. This chip is used in the uBOSA module, which is a compact, low-cost, two-way optical subassembly for FTTH, developed jointly by Oki Electric and Sigma-Links Inc.

"We are proud to present the world's smallest uBOSA chip, which is a product of Oki's technological advances in silicon LSI fabrication. Oki's silicon lens is the key part in achieving compact uBOSA chips, which are promising candidates for use as low-cost FTTH components," said Takaki Yamada, President of Silicon Manufacturing Company at Oki Electric. "We believe these lenses will contribute to the optical communication network market including for metro, access and data communications which require smaller, higher function, and lower cost optical components."

Conventional FTTH optical components are combined with a packaged laser diode (LD) chip, a packaged photodetector (PD) chip, an optical filter(2), and glass lenses, all in a metal housing. Then optical path between these optical parts is aligned individually by optimizing optical powers and fixed by laser welding. However, this conventional method takes 40 some optical parts including those inside the packages and involves a complicated packaging process, which made it difficult to reduce costs.

The newly developed uBOSA chip includes a non-packaged bare LD and PD chips, an optical filter, and Oki's silicon lenses, which are assembled on a silicon optical bench(3) with a V-shaped high-precision groove. The chip integrates the components using surface mounting technology(4) utilizing image recognition. Silicon microlenses and silicon optical benches are precisely fabricated based on silicon micro fabrication technology. Oki assembles the silicon lens on the V-groove in the silicon optical bench for automatic optical alignment. This enables Oki to reduce the number of parts down to 15, thus reducing the assembly hours, and significantly reducing optical component costs.

Oki will present a research paper regarding uBOSA chip and uBOSA technology at the 2006 Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition (OFC:06) ( to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles from March 5th to March 10th. Oki will exhibit and explain its silicon lens and uBOSA chip at its booth #3447.

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