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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Nikon's iNEXIV Multi-Sensor Measuring System Now Offers Touch Probe Technology

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MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Nikon Instruments Inc.( today announced expanded measurement capabilities for the iNEXIV VMA-2520 with the incorporation of the Renishaw TP20 and TP200 touch-trigger probing systems. Specifically designed for the iNEXIV, the TP20 and TP200 allow system users the option to incorporate touch-probe technology into 3D workpiece measurements.

The touch probes are available pre-installed as an integral part of the iNEXIV measuring system, or as an optional accessory that can be installedlater, providing the flexibility to configure a measuring system to fit their specific needs. The addition of the touch probe technology creates moreaccurate datum planes, resulting in improved measurement and repeatability accuracies on side wall and prismatic 3D parts. The iNEXIV can also performtouch probe, laser and vision measurements on the same workpiece.

"By offering touch-probe technology in the iNEXIV VMA-2520, Nikon nowprovides a fully integrated measuring system solution that combines vision,laser and now touch probe," said Mike Metzger , General Manager, Industrial Microscopy & Metrology. "The flexibility also allows users to grow theirsystem as their imaging needs grow."

The iNEXIV is specifically designed for measuring 3D workpieces andalready incorporates vision and laser sensing capabilities. It offers a 200mm Z-axis measuring range with an optical system featuring a long 73.5mm working distance. Additionally, the image processing software offers extended depth of field for 3D imaging and accurate 2D stitched panoramic images. The10X optical zoom system has an ultra low distortion of less than 0.1% and features an Apochromatic Objective Lens with a High Numerical Aperture NA(0.11).

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