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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Nexvision Introduces World's First IP Video Security Camera Based on TI's DaVinci(TM) Technology

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HOUSTON and MARSEILLE , France , June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Nexvision, a manufacturer of IP network video security solutions, today announced the first IP video security camera prototype based on TI's DaVinci(TM) technology. The Nexdome(R) Dragonfly leverages the dual-core TMS320DM644x architecture based on DaVinci technology to create a versatile, plug-and-play video security solution that can be tailored to meet specific customer demands, benefiting from the implementation of open industry standards such as Linux, MPEG4 andreal-time streaming network protocols to offer seamless integration of the camera into global surveillance systems. In addition, Nexvision has benefited from TI' s leading expertise in high performance analog, by integrating TI's differentiated analog companion products in the design of the Nexdome Dragonfly, such as video decoders, amplifiers, power LDOs, power DC/DCswitches, USB switch and more. (See .)

The Dragonfly provides an open camera platform that is highly suited tolarge area surveillance applications such as public transportation, utility plants and medical centers. These large areas need to rely on cameras that enable monitoring centers to deal more easily with the increase in the numberof surveillance cameras with advanced features, such as object detection andtracking, traffic surveillance and automatic license plate recognition. The compact size of the camera (13 cm x 13 cm) makes installation fast and simple.

"The success of video surveillance has created a big challenge in terms of manageability," said M. Lange, business development manager for Nexvision. "TI's DaVinci technology-based processor is the only embedded media controlleron the market that integrates onto one chip the image processing power and peripherals needed for high-end video analysis and H.264 D1 real-time compression for streaming video over xDSL lines. As a result, we are able tooffer our customers a compact, open and scalable platform that can easily beintegrated into their surveillance network."

"The inherent integration of DaVinci technology and its open platform means companies can quickly and easily develop advanced security solutions,all for a reduced bill of materials (BOM). Nexvision was able to design Nexdome Dragonfly based on a single DaVinci technology-based processor withinsix months, a record design cycle time," said Cyril Clocher, business development manager for TI's DSP group in Europe . "In addition, the power and programmability of DaVinci technology-based processors allows customers tocreate unique, feature-rich video applications that were previously impossible."

The Nexdome Dragonfly has already been adopted by NMI Security plc, a market leader in the implementation of immersive technology. "Nexvision is oneof our strategic partners, and we are working together on several projects to introduce next generation immersive technology to the market," said CliffLunt , Marketing director of NMI Security plc. "Most recently, Nexvision has helped us successfully deploy an immersive system on the Stockholm Underground, and we continue to collaborate closely on further infrastructure projects in the UK."

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