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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Newport to Showcase Research Solutions at Photonics West

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IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Newport Corp. (Nasdaq: NEWP), a premier global supplier of solutions to make, manage, and measure light(SM), today announced that it will unveil several new product technologies at Photonics West 2006, to be held January 24-26 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. "With this expansive introduction of technologies, Newport will once again demonstrate its unique position as the only photonics company capable of supplying the full range of light sources, optical components, vibration control solutions, motion control systems, and photonic instrumentation essential for better, faster results in today's cutting-edge research," said Robert G. Deuster, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Newport.

"For years, Newport has continued to introduce state-of-the-art laser and photonic technologies that have enabled our customers to pioneer new innovations in cutting-edge applications such as ultrafast research, analytical chemistry, genomics, drug development and homeland security," Deuster added. "For example, our ultrafast laser customers have successfully made breakthrough discoveries in fields such as physics, biology and medicine. They have developed ways to improve cardiac stents by micromachining with lasers, and have also introduced new methods of rendering three-dimensional images of brain tissue to help find ways of combating Alzheimer's disease. For homeland security, Newport's products have enabled researchers to develop new techniques using terahertz imaging such as security screening, powder or bacteria classification, and detection of explosives, as well as for scanning for asbestos and radiation contamination. At this year's Photonics West show, we will showcase our latest innovative solutions that help these leading researchers solve real-world problems."

Making Light

At Photonics West, Newport will announce significant performance upgrades to its industry-leading Mai Tai(R) HP laser. Introduced in 1999, Newport's Mai Tai Ti:sapphire oscillator products have been used for a variety of research applications, from general spectroscopy to multiphoton microscopy. With its leading performance specifications, experienced support team, and largest installed base of any laser of its type, the Mai Tai remains the laser family of choice for basic research and biological imaging. The Mai Tai HP was introduced last summer at Laser 2005 in Munich, and Newport has continued to improve the laser's performance, making it the laser of choice for many research applications.

In addition to announcing the upgrades to the Mai Tai HP, Newport will unveil its new Explorer(TM) diode-pumped solid state laser system. This new laser, targeted at the life and health sciences market, offers higher performance and greater reliability than nitrogen lasers, which until now have been the traditional choice for bioinstrumentation used in applications such as laser microdissection. Deuster noted, "This new laser has the potential to become the technology of choice for driving improvements in established as well as emerging applications in analytical chemistry, genomics, drug development and forensics."

Managing Light

A worldwide leader in vibration control systems, Newport also will showcase its SmartTable-UT(TM), the world's first and only upgradeable optical table. Deuster explained, "Many customers have readily adopted our new SmartTable technology and, as a result, have been able to achieve levels of system performance from their experiment setups that simply cannot be achieved using other systems. Examples we've seen to date include better sensitivity from atomic force microscopes, improved stability in laser cavities and more detailed photonic imaging used by leading biologists and chemists who are searching for advanced treatments for ailments such as Parkinson's disease. By combining our leading vibration control technology with many of our motion control solutions such as our NewStep(TM) family and NanoPZ(TM) actuators, researchers can benefit from more micro-automation and achieve better, faster results."

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