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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

NYPD Considers 'Ring of Steel' Surveillance System for Lower Manhattan

New York Daily News (KRT)
via NewsEdge Corporation

Jan. 26--Looking to London, the NYPD is considering implementing a video surveillance "ring of steel" around lower Manhattan that could track hundreds of thousands of people and cars a day.

New York law enforcement officials say they have been examining the scores of closed-circuit TV cameras that take photos of people and virtually every car that enters London's financial district.

A similar system on our side of the pond could see a string of cameras along Chambers St. and at bridges, tunnels and subway and PATH stations, officials say.

New York cops already have about 1,000 cameras in the subway, and 2,100 more should be in place by 2008.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly strongly backs the increased surveillance, along with the 3,100 cameras that are up and running in city housing projects.

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