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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Liquid Computing Selects Neterion Ethernet Adapter

via PRNewswire

OTTAWA , ON and LOS ALTOS, CA, Nov. 23 /PRNewswire/ - Liquid ComputingCorp., a developer of a new class of scalable servers for high performancecomputing applications, announced today it will embed Neterion's Xframe(R)10 Gigabit Ethernet network adapter into LiquidIQ(TM), the industry's firstInterconnect Driven Server (IDS). The integration will enable LiquidComputing's new server architecture to optimize I/O performance and eliminatebandwidth bottlenecks.

Liquid Computing customers require uncompromised communications bandwidthand I/O to carry out high performance computing (HPC) functions across a widerange of industries such as scientific research and development, upstreamenergy exploration and biosciences research. Scaling out network bandwidth iscritical for these applications. The combination of LiquidIQ and Xframe willdeliver uncompromising computing performance for the HPC and enterprisemarkets.

"Several early users of LiquidIQ have expressed a keen interest indynamically allocating large scale I/O throughput across our system," said Mike Kemp , CTO of Liquid Computing. "The only cost-effective way to bringterabits of I/O capacity was to embed a high performance, dependable 10 GbEnetwork interface card directly into the LiquidIQ I/O module."

When Neterion's Xframe adapter is combined with Liquid Computing's uniquearchitecture, the result is scalable bandwidth, lower latency and higher I/Operformance. The fact that Xframe has recorded a number of record-breakingperformance demonstrations was another important factor in its being selectedas the 10 GbE partner.

"Liquid Computing's Interconnect Driven Server architecture and Xframe's10 GbE adapters are an ideal combination for end users who are seeking a meansto deploy HPC resources in 'real time' based on the application they arerunning," said Dave Zabrowski, president and CEO of Neterion. "And a furtherbenefit is the fact that this solution does not require a proprietary network,but can run over a company's existing infrastructure."

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