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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Kontron Keeps it Simple with KISS-Stor

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SAN DIEGO , July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- With the introduction of Kontron's new KISS-Stor 1 and KISS-Stor 0/5 SATA RAID subsystems, Kontron now offers two economical and efficient solutions to accommodate the growing need for secure,fast, robust, RoHS-compliant systems and whisper-quiet memory capacity. Both KISS-Stor subsystems are easy and uncomplicated to install and manage -- the only requirement is a free SATA I or SATA II port. Compared with similar solutions with special RAID cards for storage management, the Kiss-Stor saves space and cabling, while maximizing the system's capacity for additional features.

The KISS-Stor 1 has two mirrored SATA HDDs; 2MB of integrated buffer for optimized data transfer; and offers a maximum storage capacity of 500GB. Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, KISS-Stor 1 can be used anywhere high data security is required.

In RAID 0 operation, the KISS-Stor 0/5 -- with three SATA hard drives --offers a maximum storage capacity of 1.5 terabyte and a data transfer rate ofup to 150 MB per second. The alternative RAID Level 5 configuration with threehard drives offers correspondingly high data security. Thus, the KISS-Stor 0/5is destined for use as a highly available and robust file server or in the field of image processing, for example.

Despite the ball bearing fan, the installation depth of the robust storage subsystems with lightweight metal housings is a mere 224mm, hence enablingthem to be used in the KISS 4 U or comparable rugged systems from Kontron. In addition, both systems are whisper-quiet, with an operating noise of less than 35dB.

Outwardly, the RAID subsystems -- independent of the operating system --are accessed like hard drives; allowing for foolproof and simple system integration. The intuitive status display uses three color LEDs on the closeable frame and -- when combined with the automatic failure recognition --clearly identifies the affected device in the rare case of hard drive failure. Thanks to the hot swap function (in RAID 1 or 5), hard drives can be exchanged during operation without unnecessary downtime or power-downs. Recovery takes place automatically in the background. The KISS-Stor 1 displays the progressvia a lighted bar. Thus, maintenance and administration -- two significantcost factors in addition to downtime -- are effectively minimized.

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