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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

KODAK: New KODAK image sensors target digital radiography; Higher resolution sensitivity allow manufactures to develop improved X-ray systems

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ROCHESTER, NY - Eastman Kodak Company continues to reinforce its position as a leading supplier of high performance image sensors with the announcement of two new CCD sensors for the digital radiography (DR) and scientific imaging markets. The new sensors offer improved sensitivity and high resolution, allowing manufacturers to develop cost effective systems with improved image quality for DR applications.

"Kodak's innovative sensor designs continue to lead the way in a variety of applications," said Chris McNiffe, General Manager of Kodak's Image Sensor Solutions group. "As the needs of the digital radiography market have evolved, Kodak has met this challenge by developing a new generation of image sensors to meet the requirements of this important segment.

Manufacturers can now develop systems that take advantage of the improved sensitivity of these new devices, offering higher performance and value to their customers."

By leveraging improvements in pixel design first introduced in products such as the 39-megapixel KODAK image sensor, these new image sensors provide both a significant increase in efficiency and a reduction in noise compared to image sensors currently used in DR systems. This improved sensitivity allows system designers to improve the image quality of existing systems or trade this extra sensitivity for lower cost system components.

For users requiring the highest resolution, the new 16-megapixel KODAK image sensor provides higher sensitivity, higher dynamic range and lower noise and a significant increase in imaging performance. Kodak is also unveiling a 9-megapixel sensor with increased sensitivity, which enables the design of systems that incorporate lower cost components.

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