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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Japan's Toshiba Medical Strengthening X-ray Imaging Business in US

Asia Pulse Businesswire
via NewsEdge Corporation

TOKYO, Dec 21 Asia Pulse - Toshiba Medical Systems Corp. is bolstering its X-ray imaging equipment business in the U.S., introducing a new system there before rolling it out in Japan or Europe.

The new system uses X-rays to capture images of blood vessels inside the body of a patient lying on an attached table. By rotating the direction of X-ray exposure, the system can display the blood vessels in 3-D computer graphics, making it useful in diagnosis and surgery related to cerebral aneurysms and heart attacks.

Rather than the vacuum-tube-based round detectors now used in the equipment the firm sells in the U.S., the new device uses a semiconductor-based rectangular flat-panel detector that reduces distortion.

An FPD 15 per cent larger than those from models in Japan will be included with the U.S. equipment, making more detailed displays possible and thus making it easier to detect abnormalities in blood vessels.

The system will cost US$1.96 million. Toshiba Medical is targeting sales of 15 units by March. It expects the high performance of the equipment to appeal to medical institutions and hopes this leads to expanded sales of other imaging diagnostic equipment as it aims to quadruple its U.S. market share to 20 per cent in three years.


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