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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Iridian Technologies Enhances Its Iris Recognition Algorithm

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via NewsEdge Corporation

Iridian Technologies said that it is offering a new version of its iris recognition algorithm designed to deliver enhanced accuracy, faster recognition speeds, and increased convenience for end users.

Iridian noted that the new algorithm, codenamed "2Pi-06," will improve the image capture performance of Iridian's software in Proof Positive iris recognition cameras. It will deliver improved "false reject" performance by reducing the instances where someone who is enrolled in a database is not recognized, the company added.

In addition, 2Pi-06 sets the stage for the next generation of iris recognition cameras, particularly those that are chip-based and mobile devices, and those that capture pictures of an iris from subjects at a distance and/or in motion. It also prepares for the ability to recognize people from non-ideal iris images.

The new algorithm will be available through Iridian's latest software architecture, OpenIris, a modular architecture for the application development for large-scale enrollment and authentication of national populations.

Dr. Ulf Cahn von Seelen, Iridian's Chief Scientist, explained, "With this improved algorithm, even images of marginal quality can now be used successfully for authentication. We have preserved the advantages of our current core software while setting the stage for next-generation performance."

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