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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Horizon Semiconductors Announces Industry's Smallest Form-Factor, Stand-Alone High Definition Multi-Standard Transcoder Reference Platform

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HERZLIYA, Israel , April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Horizon Semiconductors, a leading provider of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable secure video and audio compression & transmission for the consumer electronics and broadcast markets, announces the immediate availability of industry's smallest form-factor, multi-standard high definition stand-alone transcoder reference platform for cable, satellite, IPTV and terrestrial distribution, broadcast, home media server and set-top box markets.

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Based on Horizon's Hz4010 multi-channel multi-standard high definition transcoder SoC, the new HzR4010 stand-alone platform is designed both for professional and consumer applications. HzR4010 enables real-time transcoding of HD or multiple SD video streams, as well as faster than real-time transcoding of HD to SD or lower resolution video. HzR4010 supports the leading video compression standards including AVC (up to HP@L4.2), MPEG-2 (MP@HL) and VC-1 (AP@L3 and MP@HL). The highly integrated and programmable SoC features advanced video pre/post-processor supporting spatial linear and non-linear noise reduction, motion compensated temporal filtering, frame rate conversion and ultra-flexible video scaling, a high performance audio CODEC engine enabling transcoding from and to various audio formats such as MPEG-1, AC-3, Dolby Digital Plus, AAC and WMA, a programmable high-bandwidth transport processor, as well as a multi-standard conditional access/digital rights management security processor. HzR4010 allows transferring of video/audio content in and out of the Hz4010 using wide variety of methods and interfaces, including real time streaming through DVB, 1G Internet, USB or IEEE 1394.

"In response to customer requirement for portability, we've packaged our Hz4010 high-definition transcoding SoC in an ideal form factor. As for ease of use, just plug in your Set-top or PC into the HzR4010, and you're in business", said Amir Morad , President and CEO of Horizon Semiconductors. "In addition to the portability, the transcoding capabilities of the Hz4010 provide a vehicle for cost-effective, faster than real-time transfer of secured content to portable media players, cell phones & game consoles at home and over the network at the highest video quality, thus extending the flexibility of sharing video content across multiple playback platforms."

Product Information

The HzR4010 is designed around the HZ4010 SoC offering the following cutting edge technologies and interfaces:

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