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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Hifn Announces Flow Through(TM) Security for Gigabit Ethernet

via PRNewswire

LAS VEGAS , Interop, May 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Network- and storage-security market leader Hifn(TM)(Nasdaq: HIFN), announced today a new FlowThrough security processor designed for Gigabit Ethernet Networking applications. The HIPP III 8450 ensures data security, integrity and simultaneous support for multiple security protocols as well as the latest encryption and authentication algorithms. The HIPP III 8450 offers the simplicity of a "bump-in-the-wire" architecture and provides a complete security solution on a single chip. The 8450 is optimized for integration into security gateway appliances, server motherboards and secure NIC's.

Hifn's unique FlowThrough architecture enables the 8450 security processor to sit directly in the data path and accelerate the entire security protocolfor high-performance, low-latency capabilities in Ethernet networking equipment. New for this second generation HIPP III processor is the addition of simultaneous processing capabilities of the IPsec, IPcomp and MACsecprotocols.

"The 8450 is a turnkey solution for Ethernet networking customers that don't want to spend all of their development effort integrating high-performance security processing," said Bob Doud , security product line director at Hifn. "Hifn has a long standing reputation of providing customers with the most up-to-date, robust protocol support, including the integrated control-plane software, enabling them to get to market quickly with a solution that delivers the latest in security processing."

This newest member of the Hifn HIPP III family has IPv4 and IPv6 support and now offers full IPcomp and MACsec processing in addition to IPsec, enhancing the value realized in a single-chip solution. Further, the 8450 incorporates the latest Ethernet and memory interfaces including SGMII, SerDes, RGMII, RTBI and DDR2 SDRAM.

MACsec Support -- Hifn's HIPP III family of security processors, which includes the new 8450, are the first in the market to provide in-line supportfor the IEEE 802.1ae "MACsec" protocol. This is a new link-layer security protocol that enables endpoint authentication and protects Ethernet traffic over the LAN with encryption and integrity protection. While this capability is expected to eventually be incorporated into high-end Gigabit MAC devices,the 8450 allows MACsec capability to be added to any Gigabit Ethernet device.

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