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Guardian Brings Intelligent Imaging Informatics Technology to Healthcare

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HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 9, 2006--Guardian Technologies International, Inc., (OTCBB:GDTI), a leading technology developer of intelligent imaging informatics (3i) solutions, today announced that its Advanced Research Department has created a breakthrough in image processing with the potential to dramatically improve the diagnostic characteristics of medical images which should result in easier and speedier diagnoses, decreased misreads, and greater workflow efficiency for the diagnosing physician.

Guardian offered a sneak preview of this new technology in early December 2005 at the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) conference held in Chicago. RSNA provided the ideal platform for the preview of this new technological breakthrough as it is the largest radiographic conference in the world with an attendance of over 60,000 medical professionals, scientists and administrators. Guardian's research scientists were able to meet with and present to an elite group of top physicists, radiologists, researchers and practitioners from leading corporations and research universities in the healthcare imaging field.

"Our technology, built on our 3i core imaging analysis engine, seized the attention of some of the top researchers and industry experts attending RSNA," said Tom Ramsay, Guardian Technologies' Chief Scientist. "They described the potential the technology provides for achieving more accurate diagnoses even with difficult-to-read images, and for reducing the time that is needed to make a diagnosis. The industry is still striving to improve image quality, enhance images and study clarity and provide improved methods for metabolic and physiological data collection and analysis, all in an effort to improve sensitivity and specificity of image detection tools. They were uniformly impressed with Guardian's potential to enhance the practice of radiology."

The 3i technology is able to detect and distinguish different types of organic compounds contained in images from a wide array of sources, including x-ray, CT, and hyper spectral data types. Since the human body is made of organic compounds, the adaptation of the scientific principles behind Guardian's PinPoint(TM) threat detection technology to medical image analysis follows naturally. Guardian has discovered and implemented a method that identifies a unique signature within images - like a latent fingerprint - that is unique to individual types of materials. The two dominant interactions in this process are the photoelectric and Compton effects. Guardian's software decodes the encoded signatures, making accurate identification of specific items within images possible.

Bill Donovan, Guardian's President and Chief Operating Officer noted, "We are initially addressing the business opportunities for x-ray and pathology-based image processing. The 3i imaging technology combined with our FlowPoint(TM) workflow and image management solution is a significant step towards the fulfillment of Guardian's vision for successfully differentiating its product in the medical market. We are particularly focusing on mammography and chest studies, as they represent a significantly large volume of studies performed each year, with an accompanying need for improved diagnostic capabilities. With the aging population, healthcare needs and costs will continue to grow at unprecedented levels. We believe that these factors will drive demand for our FlowPoint and 3i integrated solution for managing cost effective health care delivery. It is our intention to develop products that will address this imaging market which Frost & Sullivan estimates has a market size of more than $100.7 million for Computer Aided Detection ("CAD") alone in 2006. They also estimate that this new imaging market is growing by 11.5% per year and is expected to reach $155.6 million by the year 2010."

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