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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

GSI Group Announces Large Aerospace Contract

via PRNewswire

BILLERICA, Mass., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- GSI Group Inc.,(Nasdaq: GSIG) announces the signing of a large aerospace contract with BallAerospace & Technologies Corp. The products sold will be those from thePrecision Motion Division -- particularly space qualified encoders from MicroESystems. Encoders are feedback sensors used for precision motion control inautomated machinery or robotic systems. The total value of this 3 yearcontract is over $6 million.

This is a new segment of the aerospace market for GSI. GSI products havelong been used in aerospace such as in the space shuttle, and in other defenseareas like the manufacture of gyroscopes for guided missiles. "We are excitedthat we are opening up new market segments," said Ray Sansouci, Vice Presidentand General Manager of the GSI Group Precision Motion Division. "Ourtechnology is well suited to this sophisticated application. This successputs GSI in an excellent position to pursue a number of other opportunities inthis growth area."

GSI Group's MicroE Systems product line includes precision motion feedbackencoders for multiple industries including OEM machine automation, robotics,motion control, semiconductor and medical industries. This product line alsoincludes specialized ultra-high-performance positioners for the data storagemarket. A key to MicroE System's success is the development of technologyplatforms that can be tailored into derivative products. This allows MicroEto rapidly respond to new applications like this one.

GSI Group Inc. supplies precision motion control products, lasers andlaser-based advanced manufacturing systems to the global medical,semiconductor, electronics, aerospace and industrial markets. The Company'sweb site address is

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