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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Formation, Inc.'s ToughDisk(TM) 3500 Rugged Hard Drive to Provide Rugged Data Storage for U.S. Air Force Application

via PRNewswire

MOORESTOWN, N.J., Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Formation, Inc. announced today that its ToughDisk(TM) 3500 Rugged Hard Disks have been integrated by Deep Development Corporation (DDC), a division of Gatekeeper Systems Inc., into Viperfish ASX high-resolution digital video recorders for use in U.S. AirForce AC-130H/U gunships. The recorders enable the Air Force to record planesin action as they escort convoys, protect air bases and facilities, and carryout air strikes. They also help Air Force officials review their operations.

"ToughDisk was selected for its ability to perform reliably in extreme environments," said Doug Dyment , CEO and President of Gatekeeper. "Recording sensitive information, in both airborne and under sea environments, is what our recorders are designed to accomplish. Formation's Tough Disk is a keycomponent in our airborne recording systems providing for reliable storage ofthe data."

ToughDisk rugged hard disks are high-performance, removable data storage units built specifically to withstand extreme temperature, shock, vibration, humidity and dust conditions. The TD3500 is a rugged drop-in replacement for standard 3.5" low profile disk drives with 73 or 100 GByte capacity and SCSIor ATA interfaces.

"This is another demonstration of a major defense application that incorporates ToughDisk," said R. Nim Evatt, Formation CEO and president."Formation's ToughDisk has been selected for submarine, shipboard and airborne defense applications because of its performance characteristics and its significant cost and capacity advantages over solid state storage."

The Viperfish ASX recorders, designed and manufactured by Gatekeeper's Deep Development Corp., were selected after U.S. officials tested the surveillance equipment for more than a year. Gatekeeper has completed delivery of its first order of recorders and has received a second order for recorders.

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