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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Flat-panel Detector Volume CT Enables High-resolution Tooth Imaging

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2006 FEB 27 - ( -- Flat-panel detector volume CT enables high-resolution visualization of tooth structure.

"Successful endodontic diagnostics and therapy call for adequate depiction of the root canal anatomy with multimodal diagnostic imaging," according to radiologists in Germany.

To "evaluate visualization of the endodont with flat-panel detector volume CT (FD-VCT)," 13 human teeth "were examined with the prototype of a FD-VCT," in a study conducted by G. Heidrich and coauthors at University Hospital Gottingen.

"After data acquisition and generation of volume data sets in volume rendering technology (VRT), the findings obtained were compared to conventional X-rays and cross-section preparations of the teeth," the investigators said. They found that "the anatomical structures of the endodont such as root canals, side canals and communications between different root canals as well as denticles could be detected precisely with FD-VCT."

"The length of curved root canals was also determined accurately," according to the study report. "The spatial resolution of the system is around 140 pm. Only around 73% of the main root canals detected with FD-VCT and 87% of the roots could be visualized with conventional dental X-rays."

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