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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Firecomms Ethernet FOT for POF Enables IPTV Services Through Netopia Gateway

via PRNewswire

CORK, Ireland , Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Firecomms Ltd., a leading compound semiconductor company that develops high-speed light sources in visible range wavelengths, today announced that its RCLED-based 650 nm Fast Ethernet FOT(fiber optic transceiver) is the light source chosen by Netopia for its next-generation high-performance MiAVo residential gateway to deliver bandwidth-intensive, QoS-reliant services such as IPTV, video and VoIP over plastic optical fiber (POF).

Firecomms' fully integrated transceiver RCLED-based 650 nm FOT and highly-sensitive receiver FOT have been designed into the POF port on the newMiAVo VDSL2 service provider gateway. Based on Firecomms' proprietary technology for Resonant Cavity LEDs, the Fast Ethernet FOT operates at100 Mbps for 100 meters, making it optimal for high-speed home, office, and industrial networks.

"With its lower bit error rates and longer reach, Firecomms' FOT enables customers to take advantage of the inherent benefits of POF in emerging IPTV applications," says Firecomms CEO Declan O'Mahoney. "Its flexibility and ease of installation, makes POF a cost-effective alternative over traditionalnet works."

"By leveraging Firecomms' new Fast Ethernet FOT, Netopia is able to broaden its portfolio to deliver IPTV, video, voice and data over POF with the highest quality of service and the lowest cost of deployment," says Ken Haase ,vice president of product management at Netopia. "We're excited to showcase not only the MiAVo with the integrated Firecomms transceiver, but also an example of how plastic optical fiber changes the rules for premises wiring."

Firecomms leads the development of devices to drive POF, a low-cost optical alternative to copper cabling. Due to its ease of use, large core tolerances, and low costs, POF is enjoying a huge growth in a wide range of applications. Created for consumer, industrial, and automotive applicationsin which plastic fiber can be used more easily and at lower cost than copperor glass fiber, POF is now used in millions of small area networks, such asthose in use in many car models, and is rapidly gaining ground in home network and point-to-point interconnection. The POF market is estimated to be worth over $1 billion per year by the end of 2008.

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