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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

DALSA Secures Camera Contracts for Flat Panel Display Inspection

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DALSA, an international high performance semiconductor and electronics company, announced that it has received contracts totaling CDN $1.3 million from Next Instrument, a Korean supplier of flat panel display inspection equipment.

Under the terms of the contracts, DALSA will provide the customer with its latest generation electronic cameras.

"We're pleased to provide Next Instrument with our very latest high performance cameras," said Savvas Chamberlain, CEO of DALSA. "These contracts are early indicators from our key OEMs of strong market acceptance of our new line of cameras."

The DALSA cameras, which are expected to be delivered this quarter, will be "the eyes" of Next Instrument's flat panel display inspection system. The customer's system searches for defects on flat panel televisions, notebook PCs, and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors as they are being manufactured, allowing flat panel manufacturers to maintain better quality control, improve yield and lower costs, DALSA noted in a release.

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