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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

D3 Engineering Supports New Texas Instruments DaVinci(TM) Processors, Improved Video Performance at Drastically Lower Prices

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- D3 Engineering has announced thatit will begin providing application support and development for TI's newTMS320DM643x processors, the first DSP-only devices for DaVinci(TM)technology, to its customers in medical imaging, machine vision, militarysurveillance, and automotive vision. These customers are looking forward toexploring new applications made possible with these four new DaVinciprocessors.

With more peripherals and a video processing subsystem integrated into thenew processors, fewer chips are required for a system and products can becomeeven smaller. Designs can be simplified and BOMs will become more compact.These improvements, plus a new aggressive pricing structure for the chips, aregiving manufacturers even more incentive to develop new products andapplications.

"We are actively designing products for our customers based on the newcost-sensitive DaVinci processors," said Scott Reardon , CEO of D3 Engineering."In addition to providing engineering development services on the DM643xprocessors, D3 is also extending our popular line of CDK's (Camera DeveloperKits) to support the DM643x evaluation module. The CDK allows engineers toquickly start a CMOS or CCD based project on various families of TI DSPs. Ourexisting customers that rely heavily on digital image processing are eager totake advantage of the quicker time to market and the cost savings afforded bythese chips."

D3 Engineering is focused solely on TI DSP platforms and is considered tobe an authority in realizing their benefits. The company was an early adopterof TI's DaVinci technology, upgrading the D3 Camera Develop Kits (CDK) to theDaVinci Digital Video Evaluation Model (DVEVM). Leveraging a strong backgroundin image processing, D3 will be able to harness the performance andperipherals of the new DaVinci processors for their customers.

"Medical imaging, driver safety and active assistance automotive systems,machine vision and military surveillance are just a few of the digital videoapplications that will change the products and services we will experience inthe very near future," said Gerard Andrews , DSP marketing manager, TI. "We areworking closely with experts like D3 Engineering to capture these explodingmarkets by making sure they have the most advanced technology at the rightprice."

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