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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Color Kinetics Projects 75% of Commercial Lighting to Be Led-Based By 2030

via PRNewswire

BOSTON , April 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- As people around the U.S.prepare to recognize Earth Day on April 22 , Color Kinetics Incorporated(Nasdaq: CLRK) today emphasized the role that new lighting technology willplay in mitigating energy strain, projecting that at least 75% of commercial lighting in the U.S. will be produced by energy-efficient LED sources by 2030*.

LEDs already deliver four times the efficiency of traditional incandescentand halogen light sources, while rapidly gaining ground on fluorescent and offering numerous benefits above and beyond all three.

The role of lighting as a chief energy drain and contributor to globalwarming has garnered international attention in recent weeks, including news of industry initiatives, incentives and even proposed legislation to baninefficient incandescent sources. The Earth Day Network, official organizersof the annual event, proclaimed 2007 "the beginning of the end of the inefficient incandescent."

Though public attention has centered on the impact of replacing incandescent sources with compact fluorescent (CFL) in residential lighting,with today's prediction Color Kinetics is emphasizing the need to tackle inefficiencies in commercial lighting -- which is accountable for much higherenergy consumption overall than lighting in homes.

"With millions of lights burning nearly 24x7 in office buildings,hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and public places, it's no wonder that commercial buildings account for 51% of total energy consumption for lightingin the U.S. vs. 27% for residential," said Bill Sims , President and CEO, ColorKinetics. "This presents us with an enormous opportunity to leverage smarttechnologies, like LED lighting, to put a real dent in energy inefficiencies and in turn reduce the amount of emissions being pumped into our atmosphere."

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