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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Color Kinetics Licenses Patents to TRUMPF for Medical Lighting Systems

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BOSTON , April 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Color Kinetics Incorporated(Nasdaq: CLRK) today announced a global licensing agreement with TRUMPF GmbH +Co. KG, a $2 billion German manufacturing company. TRUMPF will license ColorKinetics' patents to offer the iLED surgical light, which combines intelligentmicroprocessor control with LEDs to produce variable color temperatures oflight. The license will also apply to any future intelligent LED-based medicallights that TRUMPF may develop. The agreement marks Color Kinetics' first inthe medical lighting field, and the first related specifically to white lightapplications.

The FDA-approved iLED surgical light offers multiple benefits overconventional medical lighting systems. Its lack of radiated heat provides amore comfortable operating environment for doctors, while its variable colortemperature allows more precise examination of human tissue by makingcontrasts more visible. iLED utilizes Color Kinetics' patented inventions toproduce LED-based white light that is adjustable from 3,500 - 5,000 Kelvin, or"warm" to "cool." This capability has also proven helpful for doctors'concentration and alertness during lengthy surgeries, when cooler light ispreferred.

"Thanks to the advent of innovative LED lighting technology, we can nowdeliver highly controllable illumination for surgical procedures. The iLED wasdesigned to offer adjustable light characteristics, which make it adaptable toindividual surgical situations -- a feature that is unique in the medicalworld today," said Kordt Griepenkerl, Managing Director, TRUMPF KREUZER, amedical technology subsidiary of TRUMPF.

"This agreement reflects yet another exciting market direction for LEDlighting technology, and one that clearly exemplifies the power of intelligentdigital control," said Bill Sims , President and CEO, Color Kinetics. "We oftentalk about the use of light to transform environments for aesthetic purposes,and in this case it's being precisely controlled to create an optimalenvironment for surgery. We're very pleased to grant access to ourintellectual property to TRUMPF, whose expertise in medical equipment willhelp expose the benefits of LED technology to a new and perfectly suitedmarket."

The agreement with TRUMPF is the latest signed in a strong groundswell ofactivity for Color Kinetics' licensing program, which secured a record twelvenew agreements in the first quarter alone. These included contracts withlighting manufacturers such as Element Labs, Lamina Ceramics and UK-basedSolar GB, as well as manufacturers in vertical fields, including Ford MotorCompany. This accelerating momentum points to the increasingly pervasive andversatile use of intelligent LED technology.

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