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Updated: September 22nd, 2009 04:43 PM CDT

BrainLAB First to Market With Integration of Leica Microsystems M720 OH5 Microscope for its Image-Guided Surgery Products



BrainLAB cranial IGS software integrates all other Leica neurosurgical microscopes in addition to the Leica M720 OH5, and runs on the VectorVision and Kolibri systems. The Leica M720 OH5 offers smaller, more compact optics and new Horizontal Optics Technology, Leica APO OptiChrome technology for an excellent view and the Leica OH5 stand, providing superior reach and overhead clearance for more freedom in microscope positioning.

"Integration of the Leica M720 OH5 and our other microscopes with IGS products from BrainLAB, a market and technology leader in surgical navigation, gives us the opportunity to make our high-tech precision optics systems even more accessible and user friendly in the OR. Our work with BrainLAB further reinforces our mission to fulfill and regularly exceed the expectations and needs of our customers," says Roger Spink, Senior Product Manager, Leica Microsystems.

The objective of the integration between BrainLAB and Leica Microsystems products is to expand the companies' individual and collective reach in the Neurosurgery market.

"Our unique relationship with Leica Microsystems and their expertise in the development of advanced optics systems strengthens our ability to provide smarter and more efficient IGS solutions that improve patient outcomes," says Ralf Schwitzko, Product Line Manager Neurosurgery/ENT, BrainLAB.

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