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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Bookham New Focus Unveils Innovative New Electro-optics and Lasers at CLEO 2006

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San Jose, CA - New Focus(tm), a division of Bookham, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKHM), is expanding its offering of Simply Better(tm) photonics solutions with a range of new laser and electro-optic products to be launched at CLEO later this month. Among the products being featured is a new line of electro-optic modulators that incorporate a patent-pending design to achieve twice the efficiency over traditional modulators and, in new KTP versions, five times the optical damage thresholds of lithium niobate modulators.

Visitors to the New FocusTM booth (number 1531) will also be able to see the following new products on display for the first time at CLEO:

* Avalanche Photodiode (APD) receivers - new high-speed photoreceivers designed for ultralow-light-level detection applications.

The product includes high-gain APD, low-noise amplifier and bias supply.

With no separate high-voltage input needed, temperature-compensation bias circuits, and single-ended and differential outputs, these high-performance receivers are easy to use.

* StableWaveTM and VelocityTM Tunable Lasers - more than double the selection of StableWave tunable lasers, new models of the New Focus Velocity tunable lasers and new low-noise Velocity laser controllers.

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