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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

BlueArc Titan Storage Solutions Designed For True 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Market Wire
via NewsEdge Corporation

SAN JOSE, CA, 02/21/06 / MARKET WIRE/ -- BlueArc Corporation, the world leader in network storage innovation, today announced that the world's first network storage systems designed for true 10-Gigabit Ethernet support enable customers to achieve the full potential of next generation networks in high performance environments. BlueArc's Titan 2100 and Titan 2200 storage systems, unveiled earlier this month, are derived from a unique hardware architecture engineered to provide the highest levels of data throughput, similar to high performance core networking and routing architectures prevailing in the market.

Both the Titan 2100 and Titan 2200 storage systems feature a 40-Gigabit backplane, providing more than enough bandwidth for customers utilizing 10-Gigabit Ethernet infrastructures to fully saturate their network connections. While other server vendors may try to accommodate 10-Gigabit environments by simply attaching Network Interface Cards (NICs) to systems, the core limitations of these systems, limited by bus and memory bandwidths, software based file systems and central processing, cannot scale to deliver customers full bandwidth to meet the potential of their network infrastructure investments.

Titan's hardware design is unique in delivering the end-to-end bandwidth built to support the highest levels of bandwidth needed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance, not just connectivity. In addition to providing full bandwidth to 10 Gigabit Ethernet environments, the Titan 2000 series provides customers an option to aggregate bandwidth from multiple 1-Gigabit servers, simplifying their network storage infrastructures.

At system introduction, both the Titan 2100 and Titan 2200 systems offer six full bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet ports on the front-end, and features two 10-Gigabit cluster interconnect ports between servers. Later this year, BlueArc will offer modular blades that feature multiple 10-Gigabit connections on the front-end, with true support for 10-Gigabit Ethernet throughout the system. These blades will be made available to all existing Titan customers, and new customers, as a simple blade install with minimal disruption through a modular upgrade.

"Data growth continues to spiral unabated and customer demands for faster access to their data through next generation networks including 10-Gigabit Ethernet are skyrocketing," said Steve Daheb, vice president of marketing for BlueArc. "Well ahead of any other players on the market, BlueArc has delivered a network storage platform designed to meet these increased needs, leveraging Titan's unique hardware architecture."

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