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Biometric Leaders Offer Identity Management Solution to the Healthcare Industry

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BUFFALO, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 10, 2006--

Biometric Leaders Offer Identity Management Solution to the Healthcare Industry

Ultra-Scan Corporation, an identity management solutions provider, today announced that it will integrate its TouchPoint(TM) biometric-enabled single sign-on (SSO) solution with the TouchChip(R) TCS1 Fingerprint Sensor from UPEK, a leading global brand of biometric fingerprint security solutions. TouchPoint utilizes Ultra-Scan's Livescan Ultrasonic Identification System (LUIS(TM)), a biometric technology that uses high frequency sound waves, or ultrasound, to capture high quality fingerprint images across all user populations and operational environments. LUIS can "see through" dirt, newsprint, hand lotions and other common finger contaminants, guaranteeing superior accuracy and reliability. The combined hardware-software solution allows healthcare professionals to simply use their finger to gain secure, streamlined access to individual workstations and industry-specific networks without the need to carry access cards or remember multiple passwords.

Ultra-Scan developed TouchPoint to address the industry-wide need to protect sensitive patient health information, secure access to clinical records, reduce healthcare fraud and improve overall workflow. In a healthcare setting, the blended technologies will form a complete identity management solution, which will feature Ultra-Scan's ultrasonic fingerprint biometric technology at the point of enrollment and UPEK's high-quality fingerprint sensor at each client workstation throughout the facility.

"Ultra-Scan's TouchPoint SSO is solving multiple needs in the healthcare industry, including protecting sensitive patient health information, securing access to clinical records, reducing healthcare fraud and improving overall workflow," said Alan Kramer, president and CEO, UPEK, Inc. "We are pleased that Ultra-Scan has selected UPEK's silicon fingerprint sensors to authenticate employees in an industry that is often characterized by uncontrolled environments and where strict access protocols must be met."

Combining UPEK's low-cost and high-quality silicon fingerprint sensor with Ultra-Scan's TouchPoint solution will offer a robust system delivering greater convenience to healthcare professionals allowing one-touch access at each workstation. Integrating UPEK's TouchChip sensor with the LUIS technology allows Ultra-Scan to offer the best price point for a complete SSO solution that is unrivaled in accuracy and ease-of-use.

"After months of research and evaluating competing companies and their technologies, Ultra-Scan chose UPEK to round out our healthcare identity products," said Dr. John K. Schneider, president of Ultra-Scan. "We chose UPEK's fingerprint sensor based on its accuracy, robustness, and large-scale availability. The blending of our technologies will broaden our offerings to reach a greater audience and fill a key need in the healthcare industry, while at the same time, delivering a superior, biometric-enabled total identity management system."

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