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Bilateral Agreement Established in Digital Radiography

Biotech Week
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2005 DEC 21 - ( -- Agfa will globally distribute Siemens Direct Radiography (DR) Mammomat Novation digital mammography system as part of a digital radiography partnership.

Additionally, Agfa will source other components from Siemens to support the development of its digital radiography portfolio. Three, Siemens will further expand its offering of Agfa's Computed Radiography (CR) systems complementing existing agreements with Agfa.

There is an increasing awareness of breast cancer resulting in the growth of national screening programs. Due to this trend there is a strong interest in the analog to digital transition. While breast cancer screening is still primarily film-based, digital mammography is expected to play a central role in improving the efficiency and coverage of these programs.

Combining Siemens' Mammomat Novation digital mammography system with Agfa's know-how in image processing and RIS/PACS workflow integration will reinforce Agfa's capability to deliver tailor-made solutions to address different national needs, and will complement Agfa's existing mammography portfolio. Siemens' intention is to widen its distribution capabilities of Mammomat Novation.

"This long-term agreement with Siemens builds upon our complementary competence in digital radiography, a field in rapid expansion," said Philippe Houssiau, president of Agfa's HealthCare Business Group. "Such an agreement contributes to the transition to the digitized hospital leading to more efficient and effective healthcare."

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