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Updated: April 27th, 2009 09:33 AM CDT

Actel and Avnet Offer Comprehensive Solution for Display Applications

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. , April 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- To demonstrate the flexibility of its FPGAs for liquid crystal display (LCD) solutions, Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) today announced the availability of five free-of-charge reference designs to enable the design and deployment of display applications quickly and effectively. The validated and tested reference designs are implemented using the IGLOO(R) Video Demo Kit, which was jointly developed by Actel, Attodyne and Avnet Memec. The kit is immediately available from Avnet Memec and can be ordered online or from any sales office.

"Small- to medium-sized displays are everywhere -- most notably in low-power, portable consumer, industrial, medical and automotive devices. These are perfect homes for low-power IGLOO FPGAs that perform various LCD control functions," said Rich Kapusta , vice president, marketing and business development at Actel. "Additionally, by providing the reference designs and VHDL source code free of charge, Actel is making it very easy, simple and inexpensive to get display-centric applications to market quickly."

"FPGAs bring a lot of flexibility to LCD control applications that ASSPs cannot provide," stated Jeff Ittel , senior vice president of business development and marketing for Avnet Electronics Marketing. "These reference designs jointly developed by Actel, Attodyne and Avnet Memec provide several benefits to our customers, including a proven design, access to the entire bill of materials from Avnet, and local technical support from Avnet Memec's factory certified field application engineers."

Available Reference Designs from Actel

-- DVI Input to LCD Reference Design -- Upscaling Reference Design -- Photo Viewer Reference Design -- Video and Still-Shot Camera Reference Design -- Video MUXing Reference Design

The IGLOO Video Demo Kit features the ultra-low power IGLOO FPGA with Flash*Freeze technology and offers low static power and quick entry to and exit from Flash*Freeze mode. The board offers designers the ability to rapidly evaluate various display controller reference design blocks for their display system needs. To enable a fast and comprehensive design process, the IGLOO Video Demo Kit consists of two boards: a video demo board and an LCD adapter board. Designers also have the choice of different LCD adapter boards with LCD panels of different sizes and resolutions.

For a brief, detailed multimedia overview of the kit and its capabilities, click to view a Behind The Wheel virtual tour.

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