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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

AITOS Introduces Newly Integrated Illuminator System, for CMOS Image Sensor Testing

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., ITC (International Test Conference), Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- AITOS Incorporated (AITOS) has officially announced the ATS1200 series illuminator for CMOS image sensor (CIS) test, at the International Test Conference (ITC), being held in Santa Clara , CA, October 24-26, 2006. The ATS1240 was designed to meet the demand for a high-through put, low-cost test solution. AITOS will showcase the industry's widest illuminance area illuminator ATS1240 integrated with a Magnum iCP test system, at ITC in Nextest's booth #702.

The CIS market demand in Europe and United States has been continuously driven specifically by cellular phone camera and security camera applications. Market forecasts show a promising growth of the market driven by BRICs such as the DSC, cellular phone and automotive camera application in and after 2007. CIS device manufactures are likely to catch up with this market growth by improving yield and throughput with the enhancement of multi site testing. Enhancement of illuminator performance will be required to meet the growing demand of low-illuminance testing for cellular phone camera application.

"We have developed a new illuminator system with a wide illuminance area and significantly improved the illuminator optics performance to support the increasing demand for multi site testing. We will continuously contribute to our customer's requirement for high volume production by providing high throughput capability and reducing test costs," said Hidenori Oishi, Marketing Director of AITOS.

About Magnum iCP Tester

The Magnum iCP integrates logic test capability with optimized image capture and analysis hardware. A high-quality light source (illuminator), and a contemporary wafer-probing system, provides users with a complete solution for probing up to 40 (forty), 256-mega pixel CIS devices in parallel. This is the highest number of CIS devices being tested in parallel today. The MagnumiCP can capture pixel data at 100MHz with up to 14 bits per pixel. The ImageCapture Ram (ICR) can hold up to 64 image planes. Each of the 40 devices under test has its own image processor, thus providing users with an efficient, high-throughput test solution.

About ATS1200 series

ATS1200 series is well designed and guarantees +/-2% uniformity and stable RGB ratio in low illuminance over wide area of 110mm diameter and this performance is up to 40 in parallel. The system can be equipped with options for CIS testing such as LAG test option or Pupil lens option. The system software can be controlled from the ATE Test system through GPIB commands. The system is equipped with self diagnostics and auto calibration programs to minimize "System to System" and measurement deviation between tools.

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