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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

3D Vision Company TYZX Works With I.M.A. to Develop Driver Assistance Systems for Automobiles

via PRNewswire

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Tyzx, Inc., the 3D vision company, today announced that video recording company, I.M.A. GmbH, is usingTyzx 3D vision technology to develop a validation system for driver assistance components currently under test by global automaker BMW Group.

Tyzx, building on more than 15 years of research at Harvard, Interval Research, MIT, and Stanford, has developed a platform of hardware, software and services for building affordable products that see and interact with the world in three dimensions. Tyzx delivers high volume, cost-effective 3D vision solutions to industry leaders in automotive, consumer electronics, robotics and security markets.

I.M.A. GmbH, based in Rottbach, Germany , specializes in digital video recording and playback systems for medical, automotive and other industries. I.M.A. is working cooperatively with the BMW Group to adapt its DART video technology for real time 3D environment data recording, which detects, for example, lane markers, vehicle position, traffic signs and weather conditionsin real time and records relevant data to validate driver assistance components.

Now, I.M.A. has created a driver assistance validation kit using its DART technology integrated with Tyzx stereo vision real-time image processing. Thisis being used by the BMW Group to validate and further improve the current product.

"The Tyzx stereo camera system represents an improvement on the radar/one camera technology because it generates additional data, has more accurate realtime distance measurement, can input more visual information, is in color, andcan therefore operate better under changing light conditions," says Roland Schmidt , CEO, I.M.A. "With radar, you can see the world as a bat sees, butwith Tyzx 3D vision technology, you can see the world as a human sees."

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