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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Texas Instruments Developing Ultra Low Power Bluetooth(R) Products for Handsets and Other Portable Devices

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DALLAS , June 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Texas Instruments Incorporated(TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced that the company will leverage its expertiseand leadership in ZigBee(R), low-power RF and mobile connectivity to developleading products and solutions for Ultra Low Power (ULP) Bluetooth(R)(previously known as Wibree). Last week's merger between the Wibree Forum andthe Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) created ULP Bluetooth, the firstopen technology extending wireless connectivity between mobile devices or PCsand small, button cell battery human interface devices (HIDs), such aswatches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors.

TI will utilize the company's well-known and proven radio technology inthe 2.4 GHz frequency band to meet ULP Bluetooth specifications and driveaffordable wireless connectivity into the mass market. TI is already a leadingprovider of mobile connectivity solutions, such as Bluetooth andZigBee/802.15.4, making the company well positioned to address the ULPBluetooth market. TI will be one of the few companies to support thistechnology for both mobile handsets and portable, low-power devices --providing seamless interoperability between devices.

"TI fully supports the new ULP Bluetooth open technology and recognizesthe need for a radio standard that will complement Bluetooth and ZigBee forshort- to medium-range wireless connectivity," said Karl Helmer Torvmark,strategic marketing, low-power wireless group at TI. "TI is committed toproviding the market's most competitive and comprehensive solutions for ULPBluetooth, which will enable customers to deliver complete, low-cost,low-power systems with shorter time-to-market."

Leveraging expertise with low-power devices, including microcontrollers,and Bluetooth solutions, TI is developing solutions for both types of ULPBluetooth implementations: a single-mode implementation for watches, sensorsand other tiny devices; and a dual-mode implementation for communication withboth single-mode and traditional Bluetooth devices such as handsets.

ULP Bluetooth and ZigBee represent complementary technologies, as ZigBeeis a low-power infrastructure-oriented mesh networking technology supportingthousands of nodes, while ULP Bluetooth is a low-power ad hoc networkingtechnology that links a small number of nodes to devices such as computers andmobile phones.

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