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Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software and peripherals to qualified professionals working with all forms of electronic imaging.

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In The January 2008 Issue


LPCVD Optical Coatings for Complex Shapes and Uneven SurfacesProcess is effective for spherical, hemispherical, hyperhemispherical, and dome-shaped optics.

By Jay Kane, Ph.D. and Bob J. Crase

A Digital Revolution in PathologyTransforming your computer into a virtual microscope.

By Dirk Soenksen, Aperio Technologies

Core Technology Feature

Performance Enhancers for the Next Generation of Image ProcessorsImage processing equipment continues to evolve to include many more systems than just a frame grabber to boost a system's speed and memory.

By Stacey Meacham


Solving the Problems of ImagingSolutions make life easier, safer and more productive.

By Barry Hochfelder

Industry News

January Industry NewsThe latest news for the imaging industry.

Component Integration

Lighting Manufacturer Integrates Vision into New MachineMachine vision combines with motion hardware and software to solve a difficult task.

By Matthew Slaughter, National Instruments

New Products

Texas Instruments Texas Instruments is offering a new DaVinci™ technology digital media processor for video transcoding in media gateways, multi-point control units, digital media adaptors, video security digital video recorders, servers and IP set-top boxes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has unveiled a series of advanced software and hardware modules to further enhance the functionality of its industry leading HCS/HCA platform.

2008 Imaging Solutions of the Year

Imaging Spent Nuclear Fuel in Difficult Underwater EnvironmentsCollect extremely low-light, ultra violet images of spent nuclear fuel in a very difficult environment.

Adding Flexibility and Cost-Savings to Automotive Tube InspectionsFuel and brake fluid tubes for the automotive industry are delivered in fixed dimensions and shaped into complex patterns with bending machines.

Understanding Dynamics of Jettisoned Objects in Wind Currents The Low-Speed Wind Tunnel in Braunschweig, Germany sought to test the typical trajectories of objects jettisoned from transport aircraft.

Developing a Flexible Camera for Extreme ConditionsThe SI-2K™'s integrated control system consists of a customized version of MEN Micro's Intel Core2 Duo processor-based F17 3U CompactPCI single board computer.

In-Service Inspection of Locomotive PantographsQR Limited's coal transport network employs electric locomotives with pantographs to draw electric power from overhead wires.

Real-Time Audio-Visual Assistance for Dementia SufferersDementia is the progressive decline in cognitive functioning due to damage or disease in the brain.

Analyzing and Studying Sperm Motility in 3DSperm motility has been widely studied in two dimensions by analyzing their bidimensional trajectories when swimming near a flat surface.

Obtaining 3D Visualization of Ballistic Objects in FlightTraditional approaches using sophisticated Doppler techniques and on-board telemetry have given some useful analytical data for target applications in ballistics trajectory, advance ammunition and space re-entry vehicle development.

Providing the Military with Better Resolution and Performance in the FieldToday's high-speed applications are demanding greater system density and performance while still providing low power consumption.

Providing 3D Analysis of Space Shuttle Heat Shield TilesAs a part of the Space Shuttle Safety Program, NASA needed to analyze the quality and usability of new NOAX material developed to repair damaged RCC Heat Shield Tiles.

Combating Military experiments have demonstrated that after 12 minutes of continuous viewing of two or more sequencing monitors, an operator will miss up to 45 percent of all scene activity.

Welcome to Advanced Imaging's 2008 Imaging Solutions of the Year!For the 12th time, Advanced Imaging begins the New Year with its Solutions of the Year issue.

Solutions of the Year

View the winners of our annual "Imaging Solutions of the Year" contest in each of four key imaging markets.

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