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In The March 2007 Issue


Battlefield DisplaysThe digitization of the battlefield has been an ongoing process for a number of decades now.

By Keith Reid

Terahertz WavesIf it's in the spectrum somebody will find a use for it. Such is the case with terahertz waves, that occupy the space between microwaves and the infrared optical band (from 30 microns to 1 mm).

By Keith Reid

Make or Break your Machine Vision ApplicationManufacturers of virtually all products employ some sort of quality inspection in order to verify that their products are functional, safe and in some cases, appealing to the eye.

By Mike Zielinski, Siemens Energy & Automation

Core Technology Feature

IR Camera TechnologyInfrared technology continues to provide effective capabilities in a range of applications including night vision, industrial vision, scientific research and thermography-to name a few.

By Keith Reid

Small, EffectiveAccording to DisplaySearch, part of NPD Group, the LCD Monitor Market has grown to an all-time high of $36B with more on the way.

By Keith Reid


Take Your Shoes Off and Step in Line!Air travel, which goes with the job, has become a chore for this editor.

By Keith Reid

Industry News

March Industry NewsThe latest news for the imaging industry.

New Products

Navitar Zoom SystemNavitar's high magnification zoom lens systems can achieve infinite working distances with the simple addition of the Zoom Xtender.

IK-TU51 3CCD Camera With Interchangeable HeadsToshiba Imaging Systems Division, a division of Toshiba America and a leader in advanced video imaging, announces the high resolution, 3CCD Remote Head Camera.

16 Megapixel Camera With CameraLink OutputSVS-VISTEK introduces the svs16000, the first 16 megapixel camera from their product line of self-manufactured digital cameras.

NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi and LCD2490WUXiNEC Display Solutions of America has announced the extension of its award-winning 90-series with the NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi (25.5" VIS) and LCD2490WUXi (24.1" VIS) wide-screen monitors.

New Wide-angle Lens from SunexThe DSL228 features a compact design, wide field of view and predictable distortion characteristics suitable for dewarping.

High Contrast 19-Inch Open Frame LCD DisplayPacer USA LLC, a leading supplier of optoelectronic, display and laser solutions, has announced the PTM19L300-OFM1 19-inch open frame TFT LCD display.

The Andor iDus InGaASAndor Technology, a leading manufacturer of compact and reliable spectroscopic CCD detectors, announced the launch of the Andor iDus InGaAs detector array system, a new addition to the iDus range of spectroscopic detectors.

Focusable LED Spot ProjectorStockerYale's Focusable LED Spot Projectors are high-intensity LED spotlights that are designed to replace conventional halogen point-sources as well as fiber optic illumination solutions.

DSI'S HeatBuster Spectral Metal Thin Film CoatingsDeposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), manufacturer of highly durable thin film optical coatings, announces an innovation in optics with the HeatBuster Spectral Metal product line.

Cognex Adds New Color Offerings to PC-Vision SystemsCognex Corporation, a leading supplier of machine vision systems and vision sensors, today announced new color capabilities for the popular VisionPro® PC-vision systems.

DM720 Series Integrated Positioning CameraTeleEye launches the DM720 Series Integrated positioning camera, a high performance camera specially designed to operate in harsh external environmental conditions.

New Failure Analysis Tool From JEOLThe high spatial resolution and flexibility of the JEOL Beam Tracer allows this new failure analysis tool to precisely locate and mark defect sites in multi-layer semiconductor devices.

HALCON 8.0 In Summer 2007After two years, MVTec Software GmbH will launch the new version of its software library-HALCON 8.0.

Dome Type LED Light SourcesMoritex has announced a new line of Dome type LED light sources designed to evenly illuminate object surfaces by reflecting on the dome inbound light fibers arranged at 360° angles along the lower section of the dome.

TracePro 4.0 Optical Design SoftwareLambda Research Corporation announces availability of TracePro 4.0, a new release of its software for optical modeling, design and analysis.

ARTISTACONTROLCENTER LITEApollo Display Technologies' new ARTISTACONTROLCENTERLITE software works in conjunction with the patented ArtistaNET™ or ArtistaUSB™ display controllers to control multiple displays simultaneously displaying similar or different content with just one user PC via connection to a LAN or USB interface.

Application and Technology Notes

Distributing Real-Time, High-Resolution Images Over Networks Solving the Image Bandwidth Connection Challenge With VN-MATRIXThe ever-increasing resolution of imaging equipment and sensors continually challenges the effectiveness of emerging imaging solutions.

Enterprise PACS and Full Coverage Radiology Services Enable Prompt Launch for Remote Hospital Traditionally, picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) have been used primarily in large institutions.

Solutions of the Year

View the winners of our annual "Imaging Solutions of the Year" contest in each of four key imaging markets.

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