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In The January 2007 Issue


Endoscopes Push Imaging BoundariesDepending on which medical journal one elects to peruse, the father of modern endoscopy is cited as several different individuals.

By Lee J. Nelson

Core Technology Feature

Image Processing SolutionsWith all of the buzz surrounding smart cameras, the frame grabber (and other dedicated image processing hardware) still holds a strong place in meeting the needs of more demanding image processing applications.

By Stacey Meacham


Starting 2007 Off With a BangKeith Reid covers our Solutions of the Year winners, modern endoscope technology and frame grabbers in his monthly editorial.

By Keith Reid

Industry News

January Industry NewsThe latest news for the imaging industry.

Component Integration

The Migration to Digital from Analog CamerasWith the introduction of industrial digital cameras for the machine vision and scientific imaging markets nearly 20 years ago, why is it that the majority of cameras used in vision systems last year continue to be based on analog cameras?

By Michael Cyros President, Allied Vision Technologies, Inc.

New Products

NC1805 Pupilla Optical Sensor Chip from NeiricamAppropriate for automotive, industrial, biometric, laser and robotic applications.

5 Megapixels in Ultra-Compact Enclosure from IDSWith the UI-1480-C model IDS presents the first uEye® camera in the 5-megapixel class.

CI Lumen Enhances LCD Brightness with Low-Power LED BacklightingCI Lumen Industries now offers a patent-pending LED backlighting solution for a variety of display panels.

DSL228 Wide-Angle Lens for Security and Automotive Cameras from SunexSunex, Inc. launches a new wide-angle lens designed for security and automotive applications.

TECH SPEC Line Now Features Visible 0 Antireflection Coatings from Edmund OpticsEdmund Optics has enhanced its high-quality TECH SPECTM family of optical components by adding a visible 0 antireflection coating option to its plano-convex, plano-concave, double-convex, double-concave, and achromatic lines.

Cedip Infrared Systems Has Announced New Long-life Battery and Integrated Screen Options for its Popular Range of Silver High Performance IR CamerasQuick and easy to fit, the new add-on video screen allows users of Silver IR cameras to set-up and align experiments even when the camera is remote from the computer.

One Stop Systems Introduces Ruggedized System for Military Airborne ApplicationsOne Stop Systems introduces its highly-ruggedized system enclosure for military and airborne applications.

Barco Launches New Generation of Cost-effective Grayscale Diagnostic Display SystemsMedical imaging specialist Barco has launched the next generation of its cost-effective NIO grayscale diagnostic display systems.

Attractive Recorder-solution for Monitoring High Speed Events/Processes from SVS-VISTEKWhether for motion tracking in sports or for optimizing a manufacturing process, often a standard camera cannot provide high resolution pictures of quick events.

ULIS Launches its Family of Amorphous Silicon Infrared Detectors With the Smallest Pixel in the WorldThe French company ULIS (Sofradir group), which designs, develops, manufactures and sells uncooled infrared detectors, launches its 25 µm family: the UL 02 15 2, the UL 04 17 1 and the UL 03 19 1.

Hamamatsu Offers Avalanche Photodiode with Large Active Area for Low Light MeasurementHamamatsu Corporation's S8664-1010 silicon APD (avalanche photodiode) provides a large, 10 mm x 10 mm active area and several other benefits that make it ideal for design into analytical instruments for low-light-level measurement.

Application and Technology Notes

Real-Time, High-Speed Image ProcessingDALSA presents a case study on how designers at a leading semiconductor equipment company approached and achieved their high-speed and real-time goals when designing their next generation wafer inspection system.

By Philip Colet

e2v Image Sensors Search for Earth-like PlanetsWith imaging sensors designed and manufactured by e2v, the COROT space telescope launched on Dec. 27, 2006, to examine star seismology and to search for extra-solar Earth-like planets.

2007 Imaging Solutions of the Year

Advanced Imaging's 2007 Imaging Solutions of the YearFor the eleventh year, Advanced Imaging presents its Solutions of the Year.

High Tech Becomes Child's PlayWild Planet Toys, Inc. was looking to integrate sophisticated imaging technologies into a children's toy that would generate an exciting and fun experience for a cost-effective price point.

Safer General AviationSpatial disorientation, a condition in which a pilot's perception of direction differs from reality, is typically brought on by flying in poor conditions with limited visibility.

GigE Vision Meets Important Data Path NeedsWhile many interface standards are available to use in machine vision, there was still a large gap that frustrated many manufacturers, system builders and users.

Seeing the Way Clear for Bomb DisposalRemotely operated robots make scouting for road-side bombs and bomb disposal much safer.

Automating Aerial Refuelling for UAVsUnmanned airborne vehicles (UAV's) can operate tirelessly in comparison to their human pilot counterparts; however, a limiting factor preventing ultra-long endurance missions is the requirement to refuel.

Imaging to Identify Harmful Insect SpeciesKlaus Bolte, the senior research technician with the Canadian Forest Service's Biological Resources division, uses magnified insect images to identify potentially harmful species.

Imaging the Surface of MarsIn sending the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to the Red Planet, scientists intended to produce images at resolutions never before seen in planetary exploration missions.

Increasing the Accuracy and Quality of Cancer DiagnosisThe imaging challenge is to provide real-time, high accuracy color digital image capture in a microscope system for accurate, qualitative evaluation for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer.

Adding Processing Power to Computed TomographyAdvances in sensor technology in Computed Tomography (CT) have created an increasing number of images per procedure, posing a challenge for processing in a timely manner that is compatible with the hospital workflow.

Infrared Camera Technology Enters the Sporting ArenaNothing is more aggravating, at least to the losing team and its fans, than having a poor call by an umpire turn a victory into a defeat.

Solutions of the Year

View the winners of our annual "Imaging Solutions of the Year" contest in each of four key imaging markets.

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