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Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software and peripherals to qualified professionals working with all forms of electronic imaging.

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In The November 2006 Issue


Image AnalysisAutomated image analysis has long been the driver behind industrial machine vision systems. The technology is mature, and almost mainstream from a challenge standpoint.

By Keith Reid

SDKs Provide a Wealth of CapabilitiesA software development kit (SDK) typically is a set of programming tools, utilities and function libraries which aids users in creating applications for certain software, specialty hardware, frameworks, compute platforms, operating environments or the like.

By Lee J. Nelson

Core Technology Feature

The Heart of All Imaging Solutions: SoftwareMachine vision is a multi purpose technology that is increasingly used worldwide in various industries as well as in medical technology.

By Stacey Meacham


Software ExtravaganzaEditor Keith Reid takes a look at software for imaging.

By Keith Reid

Industry News

November Industry NewsThe latest news for the imaging industry.

Component Integration

Maximizing Your Image Application Performance for Dual and Multi-Core SystemsIn this article, I will explain how Intel® Software Development Tools, and specifically Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) for advanced imaging, provide great opportunities to unleash the power of multi-core processors.

By Ying Song

Technology Management

SDK OptionsSoftware Development Kits for image capture and processing have evolved from software libraries, which aided programmers in acquisition and control of a particular imaging device or system, to integrated graphic development environments.

By Leonard A. Hindus

New Products

The Schneider Group Introduces New Line of Compact C-mount LensesThe Schneider Group has introduced an even more advanced version of its line of the compact C-mount lenses for high resolution megapixel CCD and CMOS cameras for machine vision applications.

New High-flex DataCELL Cable from NorthwireNorthwire, Inc. has announced the release of the new high-flex DataCELL cable, GEV-1000, designed for the rapidly emerging GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) vision market.

Actively Cooled Industrial Camera from RedlakeRedlake announces the launch of its newest industrial cameras, the EC16000, EP16000, EM16000, EP11000 and EM11000 models.

New SMT339 FPGA and DSP Co-design Platform from Sundance Multiprocessor TechnologyAt the core of the new board are the lightning fast Texas Instruments TMS320DM642 DSP-based digital media processor and Xilinx Virtex-4 FX-60 FPGA.

Resolve Optics Ltd. Introduces a New Specialist Lens With Large Image Format Remote Head CamerasResolve Optics Ltd. has introduced a new specialist lens designed to provide uncompromising performance with large image format remote head cameras used in applications including nuclear vision and astronomical star tracking.

Adimec Announces the Adimec-1620, a 2-megapixel Camera for Demanding Machine Vision ApplicationsThe Adimec-1620 is a 2-megapixel camera in either monochrome or color that offers superior image quality in low light conditions. Single tap or dual tap versions are available to provide the Adimec-1620 speeds up to 18 or 34 progressive images per second respectively.

The RL-9 High Output LED Ring Light from Orled Diminishes GlareThe RL-9 high output LED ring light from Orled now comes with a polarizing option that diminishes glare from reflective objects.

New Generation of Electron Multiplication CCD (emCCD) Sensors from The Cooke Corp.The new generation of electron multiplication CCD (EMCCD) sensors is integrated into a sensicam camera system.

Basler's eXcite Intelligent Camera Series Now Supports Release 7.1.1 of HALCON from MVTec Software GmbHHALCON is an extensive software library for industrial image processing that contains more than 1150 operators and offers outstanding performance.

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