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Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software and peripherals to qualified professionals working with all forms of electronic imaging.

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In The October 2006 Issue


Market SynergiesBang for the buck—imaging is going through a golden age of ever-increasing performance at ever-decreasing cost.

By Keith Reid

Practical Color Machine VisionIn the world at large, monochrome is largely passé. Even the cheapest TVs today feature color, and have for many years.

By Keith Reid


Where Price Meets PowerEditor Keith Reid cover the consumer imaging market and color machine vision.

By Keith Reid

Component Integration

Understanding the Display Selection ChallengeAs the demand for liquid crystal displays spreads to new and different applications, user needs grow more diversified and sophisticated.

By Robert Dunhouse and Cathy Dotson, NEC Electronics America, Inc.

Technology Management

Swimming in the ChannelHow important is the supply chain? To consumer businesses, it's everything. But, to an industry like electronic imaging, not enough critical mass exists to leverage huge economies of scale in the same fashion as providers of auto parts, textiles, or plastics.

By Dave Brambert

Application and Technology Notes

Thinfilm IR Technology Benefits Medicine and Other ApplicationsFor patients who have to get multiple IVs or frequently get blood drawn, a simple needle stick can become complicated and painful from missed veins or multiple sticks due to hard to find veins.

By Stacey Meacham

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