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In The September 2006 Issue


Medical Imaging and What Lies AheadEven though the discovery of X-rays by Roentgen happened in 1895, more than 100 years ago, it wasn’t until the early 1960s that computerized analysis of radiological images was possible.

By Maria Helguera

Location, Location, LocationBusinesses are always looking for competitive advantages to leverage in the marketplace. At the operational end, these advantages can involve affordable property, a skilled workforce, tax incentives, access to academic research and development and an overall environment that promotes business development.

Core Technology Feature

Core Technology FeatureNew cabling offerings stand ready to provide data path solutions for a range of imaging opportunities.

By Stacey Meacham


Visualize Better HealthEditor Keith Reid takes a look at display and visualization for the medical field in his monthy editorial.

By Keith Reid

Industry News

September Industry NewsThe latest news for the imaging industry.

Component Integration

Managed Storage Services: The SSP ModelOutsourcing the storage challenge is a viable alternative in the PACS environment.

By Mitch Goldburgh

New Products

Point Grey Research Unveils the Bumblebee2Point Grey Research Inc. unveiled the Bumblebee2 stereo vision camera system with faster acquisition times, improved 3D data quality, on-board color processing and GPIO connectors for external trigger and strobe functionality.

Gigabit Ethernet Camera Has Wide Dynamic Range from JAIJAI PULNiX has added a new member to its growing line of gigabit Ethernet cameras. The TM-1327GE is a compact progressive scan CCD camera, featuring a 2/3" image sensor (Sony ICX285) and the ability to capture 30 frames per second at a full 1.4 megapixel resolution (1392 x 1040).

Extreme Unveils New High Performance M4 and MX4 CCDsNewly Enhanced 550 TVL CCD in over 30 Camera Models with no price increase. Extreme CCTV announces the new M4 and MX4 CCDs now upgraded with greater resolution, superior night vision performance and enhanced picture quality.

OPTEK's Infrared LED Exhibits 100° Beam Angle for Both Single Device and Array ApplicationsIn response to customer requests for a surface mount infrared light source with a wider beam angle, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has expanded its IR SMD product line with the development of an 880nm wavelength infrared light emitting diode that delivers a 100° inclusive beam angle.

ESD Safe Fixed-Mount Bar Code Imager Now AvailableElectrostatic discharge (ESD) and the damage it can inflict on sensitive components is a major concern within electronics and semiconductor industries.

High Performance IR Camera from CedipThe new SILVER 660M brings together Cedip's proprietary high performance cooled Indium Antimonide (3-5µm) staring focal plane array detector with the latest ROIC technology.

Avalon Strengthens General-purpose Machine Vision Offering With Development of Validator ProductAvalon Vision Solutions has completed the development of a compact PC-based machine vision system, strengthening Avalon's general-purpose machine vision product offering.

PC/104+ MPEG-4 Frame Grabber from SensorayThe Sensoray Model 314 frame grabber is Sensoray's latest video acquisition solution. Model 314 is a low-cost MPEG-1/2/4 and MJPEG frame grabber that captures full-frame (720 x 480) video at 30 frames per second.

Ciprico Debuts Latest RAID StorageCiprico Inc. introduces its newest MediaVaulta RAID array—the MediaVaulta 4440.

Leica Microsystems Introduces New Dynamics in Live Cell Imaging: Leica AF6000Leica Microsystems is pleased to present Leica AF6000, the successor to Leica FW4000.

One Stop Systems Announces First 1U PCI Express-Based SATA/SAS RAID ArrayOne Stop Systems, a provider of PCI Express-based systems and components for the industrial computing market, announces the release of the first 1U PCI Express-based RAID storage system, a robust rack mount system providing 4 hot-swappable SATA II/SAS drives with a total storage capacity of up to 2 terabytes.

Ultra-High Speed Imaging Value From CordinCordin's 212 and 214 cameras offer 2 and 4-channel (respectively) gated intensified imaging with 10-bit, 1000 x 1000 pixel images.

Basler Vision Components Starts Production of the New Scout Camera GenerationBasler Vision Components has started production of its new Basler scout camera generation.

Artista Control CenterLITE from Apollo Display TechnologiesThe new Artista Control CenterLITE software works in conjunction with the patented ArtistaNET or ArtistaUSB display controllers to control multiple displays simultaneously displaying similar or different content with just one user PC via connection to a LAN or USB interface.

Toshiba IK-WB02A Network Camera Available In Kit With Power Supply, Mount & Choice Of LensesToshiba is now offering its IK-WB02A IP network camera in an economical kit that includes the camera, a choice of either a 2.9-8.0mm or 5.0-50.0mm Fuji lens, along with a 24VAC 20VA plug-in transformer and a 6-inch universal mount for indoor applications.

CI Lumen Enhances Visual Experience of LCDs With Advanced UV Polymer Optical BondingCI Lumen now offers a patent-pending, advanced UV polymer optical bonding solution that improves contrast, enables brighter graphics, enhances ruggedness and offers a more robust overall visual experience for a virtually limitless variety of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) solutions.

Application and Technology Notes

Enhanced Breast MRIEnhanced breast MRI system shows great promise in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

PillCamA little pill takes imaging into inner space.

By Stacey Meacham

Ultrasound Excited ThermographyUltrasound excited thermography is a new non-destructive testing (NDT) / non-destructive examination (NDE) technology that provides defect selective recognition of material failure.

By Emilie Cornee, Cedip Infrared Systems

CloudSat and CALIPSOCloudSat and CALIPSO satellites return unprecedented images.

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