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In The August 2006 Issue


The Future of ImagingA panel Discussion at RIT explored what the future holds in store for imaging technology.

Choosing Imaging HardwareSarah Sookman discusses the most common interfaces in use today and how they are used in an imaging system.

By Sarah Sookman, Matrox Imaging

Choosing an InterfaceThe digital interface choice depends on application variables such as speed, distance and resolution.

By Kristin Lewotsky

Core Technology Feature

Storage Needs Amplify as File Sizes IncreaseThis month's Core Technology Feature takes a look at storage.

By Stacey Meacham


Boxes of JunkKeith Reid takes a look at the march of technology in his monthly editorial.

By Keith Reid

Industry News

July/August Industry NewsThe latest news for the imaging industry.

New Products

Sony Adds Windows XPe Compatibility for Smart CameraSony Electronics is introducing a version of its XCI-SX1 Smart Camera that is compatible with the Windows® XPe operating system.

Moritex is Now Offering a New Kind of LED LightingMoritex’s MG Wave' LED lighting includes a range of unique technical features.

Cedip Infrared Offers High Speed Thermal ImagingCedip Infrared Systems has announced a new acquisition trigger module that enables its complete range of high performance IR cameras to precisely measure and characterise transient thermal events even when exposure times in the μs-area are required.

High-Speed Camera Has Adjustable Back FocusThe TM-6740 camera series from JAI PULNiX has a new C-mount lens flange that lets users adjust back focus to improve image sharpness when using lower-cost zoom lenses or custom optics.

PLDA and Eltec Elektronik Collaborate On 16-Channel PCI Express High-End Frame Grabber for Security ApplicationsPLDApplications (PLDA) has announced a licensing agreement with ELTEC Elektronik AG, who recently launched the PC_EYE®/ASYNC 4-channel PCIe frame grabber and the PC_EYE®/SEC 16-channel PCIe frame grabber.

Dolan-Jenner Introduces the Fiber-Lite® DC950 for IntegratorsThe DC950 is a 150-watt quartz halogen regulated illuminator. It features DC regulated output, fast lamp response, and a 0-5 VDC remote intensity control interface with linear voltage adjustment (8 bit D/A module available).

Digital High Speed PCO.1200 HS 10bit CMOS Camera SystemThis high speed 10 bit CMOS camera system comprises advanced CMOS and electronics technology. With the new approach to integrate the image memory (camRAM) into the camera itself, enables unmatched fast image recording with 1 GB/s.

Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich Corporation Introduces Revolutionary, High Sensitivity, Shortwave IR Camera for Military and Commercial UseSensors Unlimited, Goodrich Corporation introduces the revolutionary, shortwave infrared (SWIR) SU320KTX-1.7 RT, the first camera in the new KT Camera family.

IQmaterials 2.0 Software Offers Sophisticated Image Analysis and Management Tools for MetallographersMedia Cybernetics Inc. announces the Version 2.0 release of IQmaterials software for metallographic and materials science quality control.

Melles Griot Optics Group Announces Absolute Fizeau Transmission SpheresThe Melles Griot Optics Group has developed a family of high-precision Fizeau transmission spheres that cost-effectively quadruple the absolute accuracy of Zygo style Fizeau surface and transmitted wavefront testing interferometers.

Emerging Technologies

High Performance IR for Demanding ApplicationsThe fields of research and development and testing require superior thermal uniformity and/or controlled heat dissipation.

Hitachi Commits to FireWireResponding to changes in the marketplace, Hitachi has made a major commitment in the past year to FireWire cameras as customers continue to look for solutions that eliminate frame grabbers.

Real-Time Continuous Video RecordingIn recent years, the data rates produced by digital video cameras used in application areas such as military testing, scientific research, remote sensing, industrial process recording and entertainment production have dramatically increased as camera sensor technology has advanced.

New Camera SolutionsLumenera is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance digital cameras and custom imaging solutions for industrial, scientific and security applications, including: homeland security; military; airports; ports of entry; transportation; banking; OCR; barcode; biometrics; life sciences, clinical and industrial microscopy; precise measurement; document reading; and astro imaging.

Keeping Abreast of Industry DemandsA classic—something that withstands the test of time—most appropriately describes the light bulb and MERCRON's high-frequency, light-regulating lamp ballasts.

Emerging Technologies in Machine Vision on DisplayThe world market leaders from the machine vision (MV) industry will meet again in Stuttgart Nov. 7-9, 2006, in order to present their latest product developments and innovations.

Today's Customized SolutionsDigital imaging solutions now exist for a vast array of applications, with products available with a vast selection of sensors, interfaces, processing and software options.

Universal PCI Controller Solutions for High Performance AutomationNumerous applications in imaging and microscopy require the automation of various opto-mechanical components. For instance, motorization of a microscope focus drive permits autofocus and 3D image acquisition.

Wide-Area Surveillance SystemPanavision Federal Systems has developed a breakthrough compound zoom lens technology which enables extremely high zoom ratios. The first product, which was developed by private funds initially as a sports broadcast application, provides a zoom range of 300:1—approximately three times more powerful than other commercially available zoom lenses.

Automatic Red Eye CorrectionThe holy grail for photo processing is reliable image improvement with zero human intervention. Pegasus Imaging takes the technology one step closer with the recent release of its fully-automatic red eye correction software development kit (SDK), available as a PICTools DLL or within its ImagXpress components for ActiveX/COM and .NET.

FireWire Digital Cameras and SoftwarePixeLINK offers a line of FireWire digital cameras and software to support machine vision, microscopy and scientific applications. For machine vision, PixeLINK's software developer's kit (SDK) contains an application programming interface, NI LabVIEW wrappers and documentation.

GigE Vision CamerasWith the advent of the GigE Vision standard, the camera market is poised for significant change. Interfaces like FireWire, USB 2.0 and Camera Link suffer from limited cable length, limited data rate and the lack of interface standardization.

Advanced Display TechnologiesRockwell Collins is a world leader in advanced display technologies and a diversified supplier of high-quality electro-optical display systems.

Monster Brain Lighting ControllerSince the start of Spectrum Illumination, we realized that we needed to be different if we were going to succeed in the vision lighting market. We offer a full solution product (light, cable, and strobe driver) for a low cost price.

New Lens Design Reduces DistortionSunex Inc. has created a revolutionary new lens design that reduces the amount of geometric distortion inherent in traditional wide angle and fisheye lenses. Tailored Distortion lenses from Sunex are different from typical wide angle and fisheye lenses that exhibit a high level of geometric distortion, commonly known as fisheye distortion.

Imaging in Extreme Low Light ConditionsThe industrial and scientific video imaging market faces continuous challenges to capture useable color video in extreme low-light conditions.

High Resolution Audio-Visual Content Across Standard NetworksIn an age where "Content is King," the ever increasing channels of distribution along with new display and storage applications place even greater emphasis on content delivery and protection.

Make Mine a DoubleMachine vision applications constantly present sensor and camera designers with conflicting goals: higher speed (for higher throughput), higher sensitivity (to operate with less light) and lower noise (to maintain image quality).

Display and Image ProcessorsThe i-Chips Display and Image Processors are highly integrated devices that allow you to convert an image from any source—video or graphics—to drive a digital display system such as an LCD panel or to convert it to a different video standard. Among the supported image processing tasks are: resolution conversion or scaling; frame rate conversion; video de-interlacing; and color space conversion.

Digital and Interlaced?Allied Vision Technologies presented the new entry-level Guppy camera family at Vision 2006, showing once again that the switch from analog to digital technology is also becoming more and more interesting from a business point of view.

Image Sensor "Lead Free" Soldering Problems SolutionWith the advent of RoHS, the increase in "lead free" soldering temperatures has increased the risk of damage to the image sensor color array.

Low Cost Cooled CCDsThe challenge: to support a wide range of CCD architectures using a single hardware and software interface, all at the lowest prices possible and without compromise to performance.

Design Software Helps You Save Time and Money with Off-the-Shelf Optical ComponentsOff-the-shelf components have many advantages over custom components. The first and most obvious is economy of scale. Also, off-the-shelf optics can be shipped more quickly than custom lenses.

Higher Resolution, Lower CostThe latest computers are transitioning to the PCI Express bus to increase bus bandwidth, reduce the pin count of chip sets, reduce power, reduce space and reduce cost.

Plug Analog, Enjoy DigitalThe emergence of the Camera Link digital standard a few years ago introduced a step forward on the image acquisition market.

Making High Speed Imaging MobileFactory machine vision and military applications often require mobility. This means that high speed cameras that can be integrated with laptops are increasingly desirable.

Feature-Rich CamerasThere are many benefits to utilizing a 1 million gate FPGA. This technology has enabled Imperx to design one of the most feature-rich cameras on the market.

International Power Supply SolutionHave you experienced frustration with the need to carry different power supplies for domestic and international use?

MIL GigE Vision DriverToday's machine vision buzz is all about Gigabit Ethernet. Pervasive and affordable, Ethernet technology has the potential to revolutionize the machine vision industry.

Large Format Imaging: Matching Lens Options and ApplicationsAs the applications for Large Format Imaging grow (both line scan and area scan) it is important to match the best lens option for a specific application.

High Brightness LED TechnologiesThanks to the many benefits of LED based light sources (long life, low power consumption, wavelength choices, vibration/shock tolerance, design flexibility and a decreasing cost factor), LED lighting has become the preferred technology for machine vision applications.

Solve Complex Data and Image Analysis ProblemsHistorically, many software packages require users to learn a proprietary scripting or programming language. Not only is this time-consuming, but it creates longer project schedules leading to increased time-to-market.

Active Silicon Introduces Power Over Camera LinkActive Silicon develops frame grabbers and complete vision systems. The core software and hardware technologies developed in-house have been proven in applications throughout manufacturing, scientific research, medical imaging, remote visual monitoring and security.

World's First Four-Camera PCI Express Frame GrabberBitFlow is introducing the world's first four-camera PCI Express frame grabber, the Karbon-CL. It can acquire simultaneously from up to four Base CL cameras or two Full CL cameras (including 10-tap CL).

Illumination Products Based on Surface Mount LEDsAs the requirements for machine vision illumination evolve, advancements in illumination techniques need to occur in order to keep pace.

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