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Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software and peripherals to qualified professionals working with all forms of electronic imaging.

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In The April 2006 Issue


The IBM Cell ProcessorA new processor stands to drive imaging to new heights.

By Keith Reid

How to... Create Custom, Reusable Functions to Improve Productivity

How to... Use a Smart Camera to Reduce Data Overload

How to... Render Quality Images and Video on Digital Display Devices

How to... Speed Network Transmission of Large Images Using Image Compression

How to... Find the Right High Speed Imaging System

How to... Choose a Machine Vision Camera

How to... Apply UV Lighting in Machine Vision Applications

How to... Image in Extreme, Low-Light Conditions

How to... Double the Speed of Machine Vision Applications with Image Event Notification

How to... Facilitate 1394 in Industrial Environments

How to... Use Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Imaging in Thermal Imaging Applications

How to... Reduce Thermal Noise in Industrial Imaging Cameras

Location-based Mixed Reality for Mobile Information ServicesWith advances in tracking technologies, new and challenging navigational applications have emerged.

By Dr. Fotis Liarokapis

How To... Find Solutions for a Variety of Imaging RequirementsAdvanced Imaging's first "How To..." Guide for Illumination, Optics, Camera/Backplane/Sensor, Data Path, Processing, Storage, Display and Software.

How to... Use Polarization to Get the Most Out of Your Imaging System

How to... Improve the Quality of Images in Line-scan Acquisition Systems

How to... Get Megapixel Results at 500 FPS Using USB 2.0

How to... Inspect Large Surfaces With 3CCD Color Line Scan Cameras

How to... Offload Image Processing to FPGAs

How to... Improve Safety Monitoring of Pressure-Vessel Shell Temperatures

How to... Find the Correct Optics for a Machine-Vision Application

Analog Autofocus Improves Inspection SpeedAutomated optical inspection of a wide range of products requires the camera lens to refocus many times to acquire images at several target positions on the object.

By Parminder Parmar

Core Technology Feature

Lighting the Way to Enhancement In today's ever-increasingly complicated imaging applications, it is clear that illumination is one of the single most important determinants of success.

By Stacey Meacham


Those Silly GamesWith the release of the IBM Cell Processor, Editor Keith Reid covers how the consumer electronics industry is impacting imaging.

By Keith Reid

Industry News

April Industry NewsThe latest news from around the imaging industry.

Component Integration

Digital Reflected-Ultraviolet ImagingDigital reflected-ultraviolet imaging has long been a specialized area of imaging technology that has only found its way into a rather limited number of applications, in spite of the fact that film-based reflected-UV photography has been around for over a century.

By Dr. Austin Richards

Technology Management

Vive le ROIIncreased throughput and reduced downtime, scrap, and warranty costs are just some of the tangible vision system benefits that contribute to ROI.

By Kristin Lewotsky

New Products

X-ray Camera Designed for "Very Small Spaces" from Rad-iconRad-icon Imaging Corporation announces the Remote RadEye™ HR – a high-resolution detachable x-ray sensitive camera head designed for "very-small space" radiation imaging applications.

Toshiba Announces New 3-Chip Precision CameraToshiba Imaging Systems Division, a division of Toshiba America announces the ultra light, compact IK-TF2 3CCD color industrial video camera.

Candelis, Inc., Expands ImageGrid Server Appliance Product LineCandelis, Inc., announces the addition of the ImageGrid™ 200 to its ImageGrid product line, and the general availability of the ImageGrid 700.

A Robust, New Generation CCD Endoscope for Industrial Inspection Applications from MoritexThe Video Lightscope uses a high resolution CCD sensor coupled with the highest quality optics to ensure distortion free high resolution viewing with true colour reproduction.

Launch of REALVIZ Stitcher 5.1REALVIZ's version 5.1 of their multi award-winning panorama software, Stitcher is now available.

Dual-band Infrared Camera Sees Through Flames in Furnaces/Boilers from MikronPatented filtering optics give Mikron Infrared's new MikroScan 7400 thermal camera the unique ability to "see" through furnace flames for boiler-tube monitoring, or to be used for standard predictive maintenance monitoring of electrical cabinets, motors, bearings, etc.

Technical Datasheets Describe Range of High Performace Lens Adapters From Resolve OpticsResolve Optics Ltd. has released a new series of technical datasheets describing its range of high performance lens adapters.

Camera Link to PCIe Frame Grabber Family ShippingLeutron Vision is now shipping its newest Camera Link® frame grabber family based on the latest PC standard PCI-express.

Cineflex Introduces Multi-Sensor Version of V14 MagnumCineflex debutes its new V14 Magnum Multi-Sensor (MS) camera system. The Magnum MS is the world's first imaging system to combine a high-definition (HD) day/night camera coupled with an extended focal length lens.

Adimec Offers 4-Megapixel Camera for Fast Machine VisionAdimec cameras are delivering unparalleled Image quality at fast frame rates. These cameras are highly appreciated for performance and proven reliability.

Paper-thin, Lightweight, Flexible Panel from CeeLiteCeeLite is premiering its newest panel, the CeeLite™ 7501. The paper-thin, lightweight, flexible panel enables 99 percent uniform backlighting illumination for previously unimaginable applications.

ActiveX SDK for IEEE-1394 CamerasActiveDcam is a flexible and easy-to-use SDK for DCAM-compliant 1394 cameras that offers rapid application development in a variety of programming languages (VB, VB.NET, C++, C#, Delphi, Java) through an ActiveX interface.

Small but Powerful Monochrome and Color Cameras from NetNew Electronic Technology GmbH (NET) continues expanding its range of monochrome and color IEEE1394 cameras.

Olympus Introduces Basic Image Acquisition SoftwareThe cell^A is the basis of the cell* family. This provides direct control of digital cameras and motorised microscopes with excellent image acquisition in all life science related applications.

New Schneider 12K Line Scan LensesThe Schneider Group has introduced three new 12k 5.6/120 Line Scan lenses designed to enable vision system integrators and equipment manufacturers to utilize the industry's new ultra-high-resolution 12k line scan cameras.

Cutting-edge Diamond Machining Delivers Ultra-smooth Mirrors from Kaleido TechnologyKaleido Technology ApS has upgraded its proprietary diamond machining capabilities enabling it to produce on-axis, off-axis and free form mirrors.

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