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Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software and peripherals to qualified professionals working with all forms of electronic imaging.

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In The September 2005 Issue


Biomedical Imaging Put to WorkModern biomedical images are often attention grabbers.

By Mike May

Imaging Aids In Return to Flight

3-D Software's Role In Return To Flight

Imaging and The Discovery Shuttle

Image Analysis Software Makes The CatchHank Russell examines image analysis software and the benefits for scientists, researchers and engineers.

By Hank Russell

Biometric Imaging Faces a Reality CheckPost-9/11 technologies see room for improvement, but no room for error.

By Barry Mazor

Take The Weight Off of Storing Moving ImagesNew "smart" network camera systems with integrated PCs reduce the network load to practically nothing.

By Dr. Ralf Hinkel

GigE Camera Interfaces Will That Be Soft Or Hard?Whether to buy a camera made from purpose-built hardware or one that uses software applications is a key question.

By George Chamberlain

Real-Time, High-Speed Image ProcessingDetermine the image processing hardware to use, how to organize the process and other steps to achieve real-time performance.

By Philip Colet

Lens Tracks Space Shuttle Discovery


Ignoring the Signs Ends In Human TragedyEditor Larry Adams comments on the recent hurricane tragedy.

By Larry Adams

Industry News

Industry NewsThe latest in news from around the industry.

New Products

IEEE-1394.B Digital Video CameraThe XCD-V50 from Sony Visual Imaging Products is a 1/3-type progressive scan CCD camera with square pixels.

High-Content Screening PlatformMolecular Devices Corp. presents a suite of turnkey tools for High-Content Screening.

Photolithography StepperThe Model 9200 PanelPrinter System provides advanced photolithography for mobile display applications.

Reverse Engineering SoftwareSLIM3D Reverse Engineering Software generates a complete model from individual scans.

Digital Imaging System For Wafer Navigation and TestingThe eVue digital imaging system enables productivity gains in semiconductor wafer navigation and testing.

CCD Camera For Medical ImagingThe MX12D camera series is the next generation of the MX12P range, which is already being used in medical X-ray and machine-vision applications.

Vision Processing SystemThe VISP processors feature fanless operation, vibration resistance and extended temperature range.

X-Ray Detector Product LineThe Xaminer line of CCD digital X-ray detectors takes its technology from the Xplorer series.

Image Sensor For Mobile ApplicationsThe OV7670 CameraChip is a 1/6-inch VGA CMOS image sensor with a pixel size of 3.6 microns.

Digital Color Camera For MicroscopyThe OPUS I features “electronic zoom” and brilliant photocopy color imaging via the Foveon X3 Pro 10M Direct Image CMOS sensor.

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