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Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software and peripherals to qualified professionals working with all forms of electronic imaging.

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In The August 2005 Issue


Shuttle's Imaging Network Captures Falling DebrisNASA's shuttle program grounded after electronic imaging discovers "debris event."

By Larry Adams

Scientist's Work Brings Solace to Astronaut's FamilyForensic scientist Sharon Brown provides a first-person account of her work to reconstruct the notes of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.

By Sharon Brown

Ultra-Fast Camera Captures How Hummingbirds FlyResearchers use DPIV technology to analyze birds flight.

Rockwell Collins Completes Successful SE-Vision Test FlightsFlight tests demonstrated concepts for sensor and synthetic imagery.

Machine Vision Helps Fight Traffic PollutionCatalytic converter inspection systems lead way to cleaner vehicles.


Glowing in the SpotlightBarry Mazor speaks with many industry experts on the fast moving field of scientific imaging.

By Barry Mazor

Core Technology Feature

Storage Systems Hold a Special Place for ImagesManaging Editor Hank Russell covers storage and it's increasing role in electronic imaging.

By Hank Russell


Imaging Is KeyAdvanced Imaging's editor points out the critical role imaging serves for NASA and the shuttle program.

By Larry Adams

Industry News

Industry NewsThe latest in news from around the imaging industry.

Corporate Profiles

Volpi Manufacturing USA

Media Cybernetics, Inc.

Marshall Electronics

Lumenera Corporation

Rockwell Collins/Kaiser Electro Optics

IO Industries Inc.

Imperx Incorporated

Imaging Solutions Group

Hamamatsu Corporation

Evolution Robotics, Inc.


Messe Stuttgart

Titan Corporation

Spectrum Illumination

SCHOTT North America, Inc.

Prosilica Inc.

Point Grey Research

Peripheral Imaging Corporation

Pegasus Imaging Corporation





Intercon 1, Nortech Systems, Inc.

Hitachi Denshi America, Ltd.

Euresys Inc.

ELCAN Optical Technologies

Edmund Optics

DALSA Coreco


Alacron Inc.


JAI Camera Solutions

National Instruments



Active Silicon


Sony Visual Imaging Products

Sensors Unlimited, Inc.


Photron USA, Inc.


The Fifth Annual Corporate Profiles IssueAdvanced Imaging's fifth annual Corporate Profiles issue.

New Products

Laser Scanning, Inspection MicroscopesThe LEXT is a confocal laser scanning microscope for surface analysis.

Integrated 3-D Solution for MapInfo UsersEngage3D allows MapInfo users to add 3-D visualization to their mapping solutions. This includes maps, gridded surfaces, points, lines, volume models and 3-D DXF objects.

USB 2.0 Module for Precision MeasurementsThe DT9816 is a simultaneous input, low-cost data acquisition module as part of the company's ECONseries for USB 2.0.

White LED DriversThe SiP12401 boost controller IC uses double-cell NiMH or alkaline and Li-ion batteries to drive white LEDs connected in series for uniformly bright backlighting without the need for ballast resistors.

12-Bit Pin-To-Pin-Compatible ADCThe AD9237 is a 12-bit monolithic ADC. It reduces board space in portable instrumentation, ultrasound, high-end imaging, digital still camera, scanner and low-power communications applications.

Single-Chip Image Signal ProcessorThe ADCDS-1410 is designed for use in electronic imaging applications that employ CCDs as their photodetector.

USB-Based Gel Documentation SystemGeneFlash USB uses USB memory device technology to accurately record gel images that are both PC and Mac compatible.

Compact, Automated Colony PickingThe benchtop-sized Pick-in Master PM-1s Colony Picker from Microtech Nition has a footprint of 26x20x28 inches while delivering full automation.

Updated Photogrammetry SuiteThe Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) V8.7 Service Pack 2 (SP2) — ADS40 Update can process images captured with the Leica ADS40 Airborne Digital Sensor. Concurrently released are updates for Leica GPro and ORIMA Orientation Management Software.

Display Technology PortfolioThe family of ColorLoc light control thin-film optical elements offers theater-quality optics for DLP, LCOS, HTPS, LCD and LED projection systems.

Thermographic Camera In SWIR Spectral RangeThe VarioTHERM head used for the 1.8-5.0-micrometer spectral range is suitable for industrial and scientific research and development applications.

Data Matrix Decoder SystemThe PIATI_XPL deciphers codes in many practical situations, including when companies do not mark their codes in accordance with established standards.

10.7 Megapixel Smart CameraThe Lynx IPX-11M5-L smart camera has a resolution of 10.7 megapixels (4000 x 2672 pixels).

Professional Display With Headless DesignThe PD-10 Professional Series of displays offer full see-through, full color, high-brightness and SVGA resolution.

Handheld Spectrally-Based ColorimeterThe Chroma Meter CS-200 uses 40 sensors to perform calculations using spectral characteristics corresponding to the sensitivity of the human eye.

LEGIC Technology ReaderAccess 9 CL is a multi-purpose LEGIC reader designed for reliable and secure access control, data collection and personal identification in highly sophisticated environments.

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