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Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software and peripherals to qualified professionals working with all forms of electronic imaging.

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In The June 2010 Issue


Highly Resolved: Meeting the Smart Phone ChallengeCamera phone imagers offer ever-improved performance, courtesy of innovative engineering

By Kristin Lewotsky

Machine Vision and Your FaceThe Facial Action Coding System is a comprehensive inventory of the muscles and their movements that form frowns, glares, grimaces, and smiles

By Lee J. Nelson

New Challenges in Handheld TouchscreensDesigning capacitive sensing into handhelds for the exploding mobile phone market

By Dr. Andrew Hsu

A Touch of GlassTouchscreen technology evolving from single touch to multitouch and gesturing

By Barry Hochfelder

GigE Gains TractionThe latest in our occasional series on data path takes a look at the pluses and minuses of Gigabit Ethernet in machine vision

By Darren Bessette

Researching the BrainUsing gamma ray technology to investigate diseases

By Barry Hochfelder

Better Outdoor DisplaysUsing optical index matching silicone gels improves viewing and ruggedness

By Bill Riegler and Michelle Velderrain

New Products

Core Technology Feature

IlluminationLEDs shed new light on machine vision applications

By Kari O'Rourke

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